Cannot manually control thermostat

I just installed the new Wyze thermostat on 1/3 units. I thought the software instructions were wrong when it had me hook the RH to RC so I put it on RH but the device didn’t power up. When I moved it to where it told be, it powered up, completed the test and appeared to be working. However, I cannot manually control the device. Turning the dial or pushing the dial on the thermostat does nothing. It just shows Wyze on the display. If I go into the app, the device shows off. If I slide up on the controls and select auto, it shows the min/max temp range for about 5 seconds and the switches to off.

Can’t really find any docs on how to operate it other that the setup in the app.

This has been known to happen. Push the knob in for 10-15 seconds to prompt a reset, then re-add the device in the Wyze app.

There is a big Bug in the firmware, Push and hold knod till you see the reset option and reset. Then hold phone next to unit and keep trying until is finally connects. Sometimes it takes a dozen tries. You can delete the thermostat from your app the re add it. Skip through the installation parts. Keep trying to connect to the thermostat until it finally connects. Lastly you can plug and unplug the thermostat from the wall after you do the button hold reset. Again hold right next to thermostat until it connects. Might take a dozen tries.

Becoming and expert on this thing, doing stuff that the Beta testers should have done before the release to the consumer. Not sure what way is the best so try them all, it will finally work.

That seems to have fixed most of it. When I look at the device list in the app it shows the disconnected cloud simple. When I select the device it appears I can modify it and set temp but when I go back to the list it shows disconnected. Alexa also says it cannot communicate with the device.

I had to uninstall and reinstall several time before the network setting stuck. A couple of time it did the setup and connected to the network, but within a hour or so it would show the cloud symbol with a ! on the display.It was no longer connected to the network. The 4th time it stuck, and has been working for a couple of days. Partly working - many bugs in the firmware.