Thermostat for control

I was just wondering if there was any thermostat that I could use or something like that, that I could use on my window a/c unit that’s plugged in to a wyze plug. I use Google home for everything and the wyze app.

I would like it to turn on if it’s too hot and off if it’s too cool. I want to use the same thing in my server room if it gets too hot to turn a fan or a/c on to prevent from my computer from over heating.

I do have 30+ cameras plus scale and band (will be getting 4 outdoor cameras also).

I was thinking about trying to use something like the nest thermostat, but not sure how to set that up with out a heatpump or larger a/c system.

I’ve looked into iftt but I don’t see anything (unless I’m over looking it).

All you would need is a temperature sensor but I don’t think Wyze offers one. You could always go with any 3rd party sensor and incorporate it into the same Wyze plug rule in Alexa or Google, etc.

But I’m curious. Even the cheapest air conditioner has its own built in thermostat for exactly this purpose. Why do you want to use a smart plug to shut it physically off?

The fan runs constantly. The other reason is the controls are not the greatest at temp controls.

Compare this.

You want the temp to be between 74-78 or 6? In my living room, I have to maintain it by getting up and adjusting it.

Since I’m sort-of disabled (motorcycle wreak a few years ago messed my leg up pretty bad. I’m going to have another knee replacement next year) it’s hard for me to get up and turn it up or down. I’ve been just turning it off and on with wyze.

The main reason at my other room is at times it gets very cold in the area my server is in if there is not a load on it. But if it picks up a few loads, it gets very hot quickly. So once the exhaust temp his a certain temp, the a/c could turn on and help cool it off. FYI, the a/c that I’m using in my server area has a dehumidifier built in to prevent moisture.

If I get some type of thermostat, which would some one prefer?

Thank you for your response.

I haven’t used one but I suppose you’ll want something like this for 20 bucks. Good luck.

IFTTT has skills for that

Forgot to mention, the “Echo Plus” has a built in thermometer.