Temperature control unit - Thermostat, heater, fan all in one

I would love to have a smart device that when it detects that is is above a certain temperature turns on a fan with low/med/high options (perhaps a trigger for each based on the temperature) and oscillation, or if it detects the temperature is too low turns on a heater it has with optional oscillation. I would also like the option for it to only turn on when my phone is at my house so I don’t waste energy cooling/heating my house when I’m not at home as well as a timer so I could tell my google assistant to turn off the heater in an hour or two and go to sleep.

Basically any tower heater that also has a fan with a smart thermostat and smart controls built in. A smart thermostat doesn’t do me any good if it can’t turn on any devices or control them because it’ll just let me know that my house is going to be really uncomfortable when I get home and there is nothing I can do about it other than turn on a smart outlet if I have a dumb fan/heater set to run the second it gets power.

A thermostat, by definition, turns on and controls a HVAC system. Are you confusing it with a temperature sensor or something? I’m not really sure if I follow you otherwise. I hear you about wanting to be able to trigger other devices, and that’s certainly within the realm of possibility, if the thermostat can trigger a smart plug based on temperature, for example. But as far as you saying it doesn’t do anything except “let me know that my house is going to be really uncomfortable” doesn’t really make sense to me – the whole point is that it can cool or heat the house with your HVAC system.

I’ve been doing that for about a year now. It is a combination of floor fans plugged into smart sockets and a temperature sensor. When the temperature gets too high, the fans come on and vice versa. In the winter I reverse the logic and aim the fans at the ceiling.

If you want something that works without replacing your existing thermostat, X10 still sells an ingenious device that you place under your thermostat which warms it up to make it come on less often in the winter or more often in the summer.

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