No news about the Wyze 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor this week. Sad

When i saw Wyze week announced I got excited thinking “Finally we will get some news on the 3 in 1 sensor touted on their thermostat product page!” Originally proudly displayed as being released at the beginning of this year I have watched for it patiently and have only received one update in the form of the product page changing from early 2021 to just 2021, which it still states. At this point though I wouldn’t expect that to even happen because the products they announced today are not hitting until December so unless it miraculously gets announced in the next week we won’t be seeing it.

I am very saddened by this because I switched to the Wyze thermostat from a smart thermostat that had this feature already. I made the switch because I like having my ecosystem all the same and since I slowly had Wyze products taking over the rest of my home I should have held off on this one. My house has some extremes in temperature and having that feature was very night because it would level those areas out. With winter here now I’m faced with either purchasing the competitor again and switching again or just dealing with some rooms being hot while others are chilly. Guess I’ll just have to layer up and hope for the best.

It really is disappointing though that a feature can be highlighted and touted to sell another product and then never materialize. I feel like it has to be some form of false advertising and illegal, especially since they haven’t even tried to provide updates or notices on it.

I did see it appear briefly in the app update this week but noticed it gone now so had to of been just a mistake.



Agreed, I too am waiting on theses. I want to get the Wyze Thermostat, but I won’t until these are available too.

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I haven’t read all of the product updates, but I assume by this post title that 3-in-1 remote temperature device has not been mentioned in any of them. The thermostat page does say it’ll be introduced in 2021 so there is still time… :upside_down_face:

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I too am a bit disappointed with the lack of communication. I purchased the Wyze thermostat mistakenly thinking that feature was part of the temperature sensors you can get today, which do not provide any real added functionality beyond information. Even today the 3-in-1 sensors are still listed on the thermostat page as coming end of 2021.

It seems like we would at least see it listed on the roadmap page, but i wasn’t able to find any details that its even being looked at.

Wyze team, please throw us a bone and give us any update.

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Just purchased two of the thermostats. Any updated estimate on when these remote sensors will be available? 2021 still? 2 months? 6 months? 1 year? Thanks


Wish I knew but it’s radio silence from the Wyze guys. I did notice it appeared on the beta app one morning but was promptly removed by mid day. No way it could still be 2021 at this point unless they have magic up their sleeve. Heck I would put money on notveven pre-orders starting in 2021…

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Only 2 weeks left in the year, and I’ve had the thermostat since the preorder with hopes that the room sensors would be close behind since Wyze has had photos up of them since the start of sales. I bought my old thermostat specifically for the room sensors. I don’t see it being available this year. Someone needs to update the thermostat product page.

Still love the thermostat tho


We are all hoping and wishing for some communication from the wyze employees…


Same boat and yeah I definitely love the Thermostat. Look and feel of it way better than my previous one but without that functionality I’m about ready to switch back. It really made a difference for my upper rooms. I just am beginning to think wyze just doesn’t care. More focused on being on the Today show and stuff like that then following through with their product statements.

We’ll have Thermostat pro before we get the 3 in 1 sensors. Just watch.

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Because of the price point, I giveWyze plenty of leeway for some products being less than perfect upon introduction. And also because of the user input they invite through these forums. But failure to communicate is very rookie mistake and antithetical to their original brand positioning.

Unfortunately, I have a thermostat that I can’t use because of my HVAC setup with Heat Pump. But if I could, I would 100% need to have a remote sensor.

Well I didn’t see a formal announcement or explanation, but the 3-in-1 sensors now show as coming in 2022.

Expected. Which is really lame.

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Mickey Mouse products from a mickey mouse company. Wyze get your act together already, stop selling and start fulfilling!!!

Ahhh that’s a bit harsh. I still love my Wyze products, but I assume they are learning a lesson on why to never promise a product by a certain date. There’s a thousand different reasons why they have not released the 3-1 sensors yet, I, and all of us waiting, would just love some sort of an update, rather than just changing the “coming” date to next year.

Yes, I for one would prefer one that works? Seems people complain in both directions. “Works but late?” NO. “Late but works” NO. :rofl:

Had to come on and chime in here. Not sure anyone is even following anymore but I am thrilled to see the 3 in 1 sensors appear in the beta app. I hope this means we will get the notification of them going on sale soon, even if its a preorder for it in a few months its good to see. Looking through the app looks like that have a couple unique options my other one didn’t but most importantly the person detection and heating / no heating because of temp in that room. Finally my living room will be comfortable and I can shut off this faux fireplace heater. :smiley:


This is great news. My primary complaint thus far wasn’t the delay, but instead the lack of communication.

The temp sensor in question showed as coming 2021 into days before EOY. Today there are still features listed on the thermostat page as coming 2021 that are not available now in 2022.

What I’m asking for is better communication. If anyone looks at the thermostat page to consider buying the it, they should be able to make a purchase with accurate information. Delays happen and when/if it’s released, I expect it to mostly work without issue. But communication is nearly a zero cost item.

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Was about to pull the trigger on a thermostat, but will now wait until this 3-in-1 remote temp, humidity, Motion add on is available.

I post this as if anyone from Wyze reads this or cares that I’m waiting… :slight_smile:


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So much for holding out on purchasing this item… it was going to drop below 32 F in Southern California, so i saw it as an excuse for purchasing my next Wyze Item, the Thermostat.

Now, I’m wondering, is there a waiting list we can sign up on to purchase the 3-in-1 remote temp, humidity & Motion Sensors?

@WyzeJason any chance you can give us a ballpark ETA when these devices will be available for purchase? and/or if we can pre order them?

thank you,

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Yeah bummed. I saw them appear forva quick minute in the beta app but now have gone again. Sad