No news about the Wyze 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor this week. Sad

Hi there. Thank you for your patience and continued support of Wyze’s products. I am sure you understand I am not allowed to share details about the launch ETA, but we are working diligently to make sure we can deliver a quality product to you and we are getting close.


Hello Jason,
Thank you for your reply,
I understand about not being allowed to share details for the Launch ETA.

I hope “Close” means it occur before the calendar hits the year 2023.

I am curious as to how the Wyze Thermostat and these 3-in-1 remote devices will be able to, per your web page:

“Eliminate cold spots” to “Balance the temperature through out the house”

and how the Wyze system is going to "dial in the exact temperature you’d like for that room:

I have your basic HVAC System, I turn it on… I set it to say 70 degrees, how am I going to be able to maintain 70 in the living room, for example, and 75 in the Family Room, and say 80 in the bedroom, when I’ve got one system providing hot or cold air to the ducting, and no means to automatically close vents or open them to help achieve this goal.

For example, I set the thermostat to 80 degrees for the bedroom, the HVAC is going to push heat out until that room gets to 80 degrees, right? And thus the two other rooms in the house that I set to 70 and 75, will receive the same heated air until the bedroom gets to 80… so they, in theory will be at 80 degrees, would they not?


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@Jason-L will the Motion Sensor’s in the 3-in-1 device be able to utilized in the same way that a Wyze Motion Sensor v2 is? Will it be able to be used by Wyze Rules or 3rd Party apps such as Amazon Alexa Routines?


@nixhome - Go read up on the version of this that honeywell uses. I imagine it will be very similar. You won’t always get the exact temp you want but the sensors will track what rooms people are in and then according to settings you have set for that room balance itself with other occupied rooms temperatures to an acceptable average. For me for instance honeywell would turn the heat on when i would go into the downstairs living room even if it was at the level set for the home overall because the living room is always colder. If I left the room then it would turn off. If I went upstairs toi the game room which always ruins hot it would turn on the fans even if it was at the correct temp overall. Now if you had someone in each of the rooms my honeywell would average the temps you wanted in each and turn on heat/fans according to do its best to get a comfortable level in each.

Dunno if that explains well but im hoping these will be similar to the honeywell home version I had

Hello @Superdeleted, Thank you for the info, I appreciate it.

Now I just need the ability to order a four of these sensors and test them out !


@Jason-L Any news on the 3-in-1 device availability?

Can the Motion Sensor on it be used in Rules?