Remote sensor for thermostat - disappointed

I thought I had read that the main thermostat would be programmable to switch control to the remote sensor on a schedule. Like, "Every weekday at 10:30 pm, use temperature from the remote sensor to control the A/C system. Every weekday at 6:30 am, switch control back to main thermostat,

This would allow people with problem areas that are too hot for sleeping (for example) to sleep in comfort.

Or it would allow a home office to be prioritized during working hours.

With this “averaging” and “motion sensing” silliness, I don’t see how these are going to be useful to anyone in the Real World.


Thank you !! I thought I was the only one

I too don’t quite still understand its functionality…

So a sensor that detects motion and it will create an average temperature??

Idk how to explain it but it’s mind boggling to me

I’m looking for a room sensor that can read the temperature of a room and if it gets warm then tell the thermostat to cut on

For example , my basement gets warm quickly and since the thermostat is upstairs it can’t read the temperature of the basement bc it’s on another level of course

Which leaves the basement to get cooled late and often warms up a lot.

What I’m looking for is just a room sensor that I can place in a room and if it gets a degree above the temperature then tell the thermostat to cool down . I know it’ll cool the whole house down, which I don’t mind but the room sensor wyze is offering makes no sense to me

If anyone can send me a link to a wishlist request like what I’d like , pls send it .

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Always coming in clutch

Thanks Slab :slight_smile:

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I am in agreement with what’s already been said. In the absence of the features requested can someone explain to me how the “averaging” of multiple sensors works? I’m interested in heating only. The room my t’stat is located gets hot when we are in it. the heat shuts off and the rest of the house gets cold. I’d like the remote t’stat to take over and keep the heat on until remote is also satisfied. Will this happen with this “averaging”? Is there just one set point for all locations? Does the t’stat call for heat until the average temp matches the set point? For example set point 70, actual temp in room with t’stat is 75. Room with remote sensor is actually 65. Average is 70, so heat shuts off? If so that leaves the “cold” room with the remote too cold.

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No. The remote sensors cannot be used to affect the operation of the HVAC without averaging. The Thermostat MUST be in the Average. It is the master sensor that must always be included. Sensors cannot be used without it.

Yes. The set point in the Thermostat does not change. That is what the thermostat is trying to achieve. When averaged, the thermostat adjusts the actual reading temp to match the average.



And the hot room too hot.

Thankyou for confirming the intended operation for this system.

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Sounds like an update is needed since that’s a pretty archaic way for the system to work. We have the same issue, and the thermostat, which has to be wired, is in the hallway where it gets hot. We have a remote in the bedroom and it would be stellar to, oh I don’t know, actually have it work as a thermostat without all the averaging nonsense. It seems like Wyze is lacking in the actually being functional department.

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