At what temperature average should the heat activate with the thermostat sensor in comfort priority mode

The main thermostat reads 63 and is set to 63 and the heat is not on.
The attached remote sensor reads 58 and is set to comfort priority.

That seems like a large gap for being “comfort priority”

At what temperature average should I expect between the sensor and the thermostat to actually make the heat kick on?

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This depends on your settings. Here is what I mean by that, and I provided my settings.

When running the app, In Image 1 you will see the first arrow points to 67, that is the average temp between the main T-Stat and the remote sensors included in the Comfort Control. The second blue arrow is what I set the Temp to be in my house.

If you look at the actual T-Stat, the Temp shown on the screen is your settings or the Temp at that location and not the average.

The second image shows my settings for the Sensors. I only have my Office in the mix, at this time. By not toggline the Motion Sensing Comfort, the Remote Sensor will be used 24x7 when calculating the Temp in the house. By selecting that option, when motion is sensed in the location of the Remote Sensor, it will be used as the priority sensor and the Heat would run based on that location. Realize the Main T-Stat will always be used in this to determine if heat or AC is needed.

In your statement, the T-Stat shows 63 and the Remote Sensor says 58, the Average then would be 60.5, the Heat would be on until the average hits 63 (ish).

Your Schedule, which includes what your desired Temp is per mode, is used to ensure your temp is met.


Thanks for the information. What you described is how I would expect it to work. So I’m wondering if the sensor is not being included in the average in my case.
The heat was off, the sensor read 58(in the app), the main t-tsat (in the app) read 63 and the heat is set to kick on at 63. So at the time, the average temp would have been 60.5 which is outside the threshold of when the heat should kick on. So it should have been heating at 60.5 but it wasn’t.

Do you have the Toggle, in Image 2 turned on? if so, turn it off. Your remote sensor will be removed from the equation when no motion is detected.

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That option is not toggled on at the moment. I’ll take some screen shots later for posterity.

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Here’s what it was. I don’t recall it being mentioned in the documentation, but after you link the sensor to the main Tstat you have to hit the Edit button on the main page and press the small plus sign next to the sensor to add it to the group.

After adding the sensor to the group it worked as expected.

In the screenshot there is a red minus sign because I added it to the group, but it was previously a plus sign.


Thats good news. Yes you had to add it to the included area. Should have mentioned that, but from the initial write up, I thought it was.

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