Room Sensor and Averaging Oddities

Anyone else getting the averaging is whenever the sensor is polled/tripped?

The all certainly seems that way, and today was hot and how my system was running didn’t seem to really correspond to the average of all sensors

How do you have them setup, meaning:

  • Do you have Auto Comfort On?
    If so:

    • How many sensors do you have tagged as Home, Sleep, Home and Sleep

    If Not

    • Do you have sensors in the Include Section of the Sensors?

I am not having the issue you are reporting. My setup is as follows:

  • Auto Switch is Off
  • Auto Comfort is Off
  • Sensors added to Included Section of the T-Stat.

Then it takes the average of all sensors to turn on control the HVAC. I can watch the Main T-Stat screen and see the Temp Change. May not be as frequent, but it does change and the AC comes on.

Wait you can tag sensors as Home and Sleep? I guess all of them. I had four sensors.

I should clarify, I mean it doesn’t seem to be averaging for a long period of time it’s more taking the last thing it polls, and eventually settles on the main thermostat.

I reset the thermostat so gotta add more sensors in.

I’ll play around with disabling auto comfort.

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Let us know how it goes. Here is a link I posted about the sensors:

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You can tell if the Thermostat is using an average because the app display will say “It is 72 in your Home”. If it is only using the Thermostat, it will say “It is 72 in your Wyze Thermostat”

If you have Auto Comfort off, it will only include the Remote Sensor in the Average if you have manually included it by pressing the green plus in Edit. It will not react to any motion. Excluding it removes the remote sensor from averaging.

With Auto Comfort on, the remote sensor will be included in the temp averaging only if it detects motion (and the 30 min thereafter) during one or both of the Schedule States you select (you can turn on motion sensing averaging for Home Schedule, Sleep Schedule, or both… Little green icons on the sensor in the Edit mode).

Note… The little green icons follow the Thermostat’s preprogrammed schedule Home\Away\Sleep… Not the actual Thermostat State. If you manually change the State to something different than what the current time dictates in the schedule, the remote sensors will continue to operate on the programmed schedule.

It’s a long post but…

Well what I’m observing is the app keeps bouncing around the temperature it shows from tstat to average.

If I click on the sensors icon it more than reliably switches to showing the average on the main screen but eventually will show just the main tstat temp.

I have two thermostats with sensors and so far they both act the same.

FYI, one of the thermostats was purchased on original launch (didn’t use it since room sensors weren’t released), the other one was just purchased (arrived yesterday)

Maybe the instructions for the sensors should include a flow chart showing how the components interact with each other?

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I’m seeing very similar results on both my launch t-stat and the bundled t-stat with sensors.

Glad I’m not the only one.

This is definitely having a real effect.

I’ve used the thermostats temperature correction to compensate for now. Honestly one of my main issues with the Wyze Thermostat was it’s wildly inaccurate temperature readings, I’ll echo others people’s desire for only relying on the room sensors. They seem to be much closer to the truth

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That certainly is not what it should be doing. And, it will take some time to troubleshoot why. I don’t have two stats so it’s not an options for me.

Just brainstorming, wonder if it is interference or miscommunication with the other remote sensors not native to the stats that might be cornfusing it? :man_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For testing, I have the Remote Sensor, a Climate Sensor, and the Thermostat within 4 feet of each other, at the same height, in the same room. When I installed the Thermostat, I did have to enter a -1° temp correction to true it up. That is still in there. Current Temp readings are RS 72°, TS 72°, CS 71° so quite accurate. The humidity reading for the Thermostat is off by a mile though RS 68%, TS 54%, CS 70%. Have to adjust that.

EDIT… The Thermostat only allows a +10 degree edit. Useless. Glad I’m not using it to run a humidifier\dehumidifier!