Thermostat Comfort control

I keep having issues where my thermostat continues to drop my room sensors from “included in comfort control” back into “not included in comfort control”. why does this continue to happen? I keep adding them back and then they show up under not included. They stay there for a bit but then I go back in and they are deselected again. How can this be corrected?

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In the top right of the Sensor settings page, do you have Motion-Sensing Comfort Auto Comfort toggled on?

No because I don’t want it to adjust the air based off of what room is detecting motion.

Not sure if this makes a difference. There isn’t much by way of documentation as to how the sensors operate when the motion sensing is off, but I wanted to make sure my sensors weren’t being moved into the Not Included category based on the Home\Sleep selections made while the Motion Sensing is off. Logically it shouldn’t matter, but without documentation I just went ahead and did it anyway:

I turned on the motion sensing and then clicked Edit. I made sure sensors were included (green plus) and then I made sure both the Home and Sleep Icons we’re clicked green. Once I had everything Green and Included, I clicked Done and turned off the Motion Sensing. I then clicked Edit again and verified all were included again.

I don’t have much variance room to room and I’m not really home much to monitor it, so I haven’t paid much attention to how they are operating.

There are others here who have worked extensively with them. Will probably get some posts in from them to add some details.

Thank you! I will try that and continue to monitor to see if that solves the issue.

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