New Idea for Wyze Room Sensor

I’m wondering if there is a way to use the Wyze Room Sensor (WRS) without the thermostat…hear me out.

Why if I’m trying to figure out the temp/conditions in a room that DOESN’T have air-conditioning (nor do I car to have air-conditioning there). Maybe Garage…attic…etc. Or maybe I have a 2nd place that I’d like to ‘keep tabs’ on. It seems that the WRS could be a great candidate except that it is ‘tied’ to the thermostat (which isn’t needed in these situations).

Possible? Can I be a beta tester :^D

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This idea is on the wishlist, make sure to vote for it! Standalone temperature sensor


Also, note,you can add up to 6 Sensors to the T-Stat. Adding them to the T-Stat does not include them in the Comfort Control. So adding them and putting it in an area where there is no AC just to see the Temp is possible. Just make sure you don’t include them in any comfort control settings.

If you don’t want to see them in the App, then you can just put the Batteries in them and set them where you want. The temp and Humidity will still be displayed.




Howdy Spamoni4,

I was hoping to be able to read/know readings without the T-Stat (like the ‘stand-alone’ request to vote for). BUT thanks for letting me know - that’s an option!

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Do you have the HMS Hub? if you do, you could get a climate sensor. it works independent of the T-Stat and shows in the app. But it does require HMS Hub

Do you mean this: Wyze Home Monitoring Service

or the helicopter prop maker :^D

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Yes, Sorry. Home Monitoring Service

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