Remote temperature sensors

So far so good.

What will it say at this time next year?

Hopefully “Click Here To Order” :pray:

Terrible that there is still no update on this, had i know this “coming in 2021” was a complete farse i would have gone Ecobee it really isn’t worth the few $ differences to get half a product.

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Still no updates? Bummer.
Every email I get from Wyze, I let my hopes up, and then they come right back down by the end.
Hopefully, once it finally comes out, it’s a rock solid reliable and quality product, that would make it worth the wait.

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Just got my Wyze thermostat warranty replacement today. In the box was a flyer about the sensor. Dont know if its coming out bery soon or what bit i’ll include the pic of the flyer for you guys.
this is the front of the flyer.

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Yeah. I’m sure it will be available Real Soon Now.


Ha ha, they had that printed back in 2019 when the originally planned to release it :angry:

There wasnt one in the box when i bought my original one so this is got me wondering

Would be really nice if someone from Wyze would actually update us on this room sensor…it’s now nearly the end of April…how much longer they gonna string us along?

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I would understand if the delay is due to supply chain issues, or chip shortages, but just tell us something! The lack of transparency is not a good look…

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I know dont put an advertising paper for it in the box like it’s available now to buy. Its like you announced it like what a year ago and since then they have released like what the gun safe the air purifier and now the new lock come on wyze give us some info on it maybe ill try to call or email and see what they tell me

I thought they monitored these forums?

I’m on chat with them right now…ok, might be announced on 3 May. Here is the chat I just had:


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Funny I was on chat too and he said the team is working on it and it will be released this year i said this year is broad do you have a month and he said there was no exact ETA just this year

One of the issues here is Wyze has a policy that they are the only ones who can announce a product, and that is only officially done on announcement day. :slight_smile:

A few employees get the leeway to hint about the date ahead of time, so maybe Michael is the Community Manager, and not just a support rep? In any case, always take what you hear with a grain of salt, as there are always many variables in play, even for those employees ‘in-the-know’.

So the only guaranteed accurate announcement is the day Wyze officially announces it. You should use any other dates you hear to check back for the official announcement. :wink:

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WHOOO IT’S FINALLY OUT!!! After so long!
Now I hope it’s really good.

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Are the original climate sensors (which looks like only works for home monitoring) going to be integrated with the thermostat? What use can I give them if not for that? My guess these were a hiccup product and now they got it right with the newer more expensive one. Which did not needed to have the screen or the emoji.

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They might be able to later, but not as of now.
If anything, the climate sensors are the better option, they have all the data and integration features the room sensors don’t, and their only real downfall is that they don’t connect to the thermostat.
@carverofchoice made an excellent write-up and comparison between the two, he uses both in his home for different things.

By the way, the room sensor discussion has moved over to this post.

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