Wyze thermostat motion sensor triggers

Would be nice if we could have the ability to use the existing motion sensor in the thermostat as a sense type sensor and have it either trigger a notification on your phone when motion has been sensed when in away mode, or to trigger other wyze products like a bulb or something.

Great idea @xtremehumvee84! I don’t know of the thermostat has the hardware to support this, but it would be coo if it’s possible.

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More so, my desire is to have the ability to have the system go to into “away” mode if no motion sensed for X minutes between the time Y & Z.
In these days of working from home, college students not always at college (or at home), having a set schedule doesn’t work great.
I just arrived home to an empty house.
I’ve been on the road.
House is toasty, but nobody has been in the house for a good 3 hours.
At least the cat is comfy.
It is my presumption that the software will mature, hopefully I am correct.