Thermostat away timeout

I have my thermostat installed in my finished basement. I only want the heat on when someone is in the basement and then I want to switch to away mode after some specified period of time. I have tried to use the schedule by setting to Away every 2 hours but the app just compresses the 2 times with the same mode together.

Is there another way that I have not found to accomplish this?

I think this would be a useful feature for users in my situation.

Amazon Alexa, turn on the “Wyze skill”.

Use a motion detector (Wyze’s is out of stock, maybe there is another one that is Alexa compatible?)

In Alexa “routines” create a “when motion detected set thermostat to ?degrees” and create “when motion is not detected for 30 minutes set thermostat to ?degrees”

I’m using the wyze skill and routines successfully with it wyze motion detection.

I don’t use Echos and besides the thermostat already has motion detection built in. This should be configurable just like the Wyze motion sensors.

Thanks for the reply!

I do t use echos either. I use it on an Alexa iPhone app and on a fire stick.

No option to configure the motion on the thermostat… yet