Thermostat Away Motion Detection

The Wyze thermostat is capable and far cheaper than competitors. It offers rooms sensors to detect motion and set the temperature based off of. What it is lacking is away detection. The Ecobee, one of the two top thermostats offers this, and there’s no reason why the Wyze sensor couldn’t or shouldn’t. The Wyze room sensors have the capability to make this possible. Some coding is all that’s missing. A simple if no motion for x time set to away. This would greatly enhance the competitiveness of the Wyze product and I’d buy it immediately. I see no reason why this feature is absent.

This would be a nice feature to have. However they would first need to fix the Schedules overriding the State Preferences first. Currently, if a schedule is set for the current time, setting the Home\Away\Sleep state does nothing. The schedule overrides.

Also, I can sleep for hours without triggering the motion sensor. Do I want it set to away when it should really stay in sleep?


Good points. I don’t have the thermostat so wasn’t aware of the override you described. As far as sleeping goes, the Ecobee thermostat that has this feature inactivates it during sleeping part of the schedule.

Why I think this feature is so good is that it almost eliminates the need for making any non-scheduled changes when you are away from the home outside of your normal schedule or on vacation. I the sensors didn’t detect your presence, they would automatically engage away mode. It would allow for much more utility out the sensors than they currently provide.