Serious Thermostat flaw - Motion detection overrides "away"

The Wyze thermostat has a serious flaw that makes it unusable… motion detection overrides the “away” setting.

I do not want my heat/ac on when I’m home and have windows open etc. I can schedule that time for “away” however the motion sensor automatically overrides that setting and sets it to “home”.

Wyze needs to address this issue ASAP by either:

  • allowing you to toggle this feature on/off

  • allowing you to set an “off” block in your schedule (best option)

Has anyone found an easy workaround as Wyze solves for this?

Just don’t use away unless you are actually out of the house. You can have different temperature settings for home if you want to be home, or toggle the thermostat to off if you want to open the windows.

The default temperature for a block is just a default, you can change each block’s temperature to whatever you want it to be. If you wanted, you could have 5 different home blocks, all with different temperatures.


A post I saw earlier stated that Sleep mode makes the thermostat ignore the motion sensor.

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I actually like this feature. If I come home early from work or happen to work from home any given day, the stats figures out I’m home, by virtue of me being ‘home’ and walking by it. Certainly if I’m able to open windows at a random time, I would flip the mode to Off…as that would be random timing for me personally, and I’d be unable to set a schedule to it. But I get your point. I do agree a toggle to disable motion could be useful. Sleep mode is handy to use as another mentioned.

Huh, so we have a warm spell and I selected “away” to turn things off. I noticed it has switch back to “home”. I thought that was just caused by the schedule and not the motion sensor.
If leaving on vacation, what is the proper way to keep the thermostat in away mode?

It will follow your schedule. So you have to use the hold function to hold it at a specific temperature and make it ignore the scheduler.

If you use the geo fencing feature, it’ll know you’re away. It’s that smart. :wink:

geofencing doesn’t fit my situation. Knowing that the motion sensor kick the thermostat out of away mode, I’ve changed my schedule to be “away” during the day, and as people are around, their motion will kick it into “home” mode.
Should work just fine.

How long will it stay in “home” if triggered by motion to “home” when in the “away” time block?

Until another schedule block tries to change it. The use case for away mode is to use when you might come home early and want the thermostat to heat up/cool down the house without you having to tell it to.

Just and idea. If you want it to go back to an Away setting after people leave, you could create multiple Away blocks throughout the day, say every couple hours. And as people come around it, it’ll trigger Home setting. If they leave or stay away from the thermostat, it’ll go back to Away.

I use multiple Home blocks to vary the temperature a bit throughout the day.

Understood, I’ll be adding hourly away blocks through the day.

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I’ve noticed I can’t put multiple “away” blocks in a row. I tried 1 hour blocks and 2 hour blocks, they just disappear.

You have to change the temperature by at least 1 degree, or the blocks will merge.

I’ve also discovered there is a maximum number of blocks for a schedule.
So doing an hourly “away” block isn’t a thing right now.
Instead I’ve setup a few away blocks that are a few hours apart.

If I were to use the presence detection for home/away, will the presence detection work with a shared user?

I ask because I’ve shared the thermostat with another user, but that other user doesn’t see the thermostat, so not sure if presence detection works for more than 1 user.

[edit / update on 3/9/2021]

That shared user now shows up. Not sure why it didn’t at first (for at least a day, then I didn’t pay attention). Also, presence detection does work with shared users AND works well. I don’t believe presence detection is using the app as an indication of presence, just motion.

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I currently have 6 blocks, and unfortunately didn’t try a 7th to bump into that limit, but do now see the Add + button isn’t avail. Whoops. And I haven’t tried sharing yet.

They just need to add an “off” option in the schedule. I do not understand why this has not been done yet. I am a big fan of wyze, but I would return this if I hadn’t already tosed my old thermostat. This is by far their worst designed product, and all it needs is an app update. Get on the ball Wyze!

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And white we’re on the subject of actually making this thermostat useful. There needs to be options for making rules based on other Wyze devices, like not turning on when a sensor shows an open window. Or the temperature being able to trigger an outlet (with a fan for example).

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I fully agree with this, but your first statement is way off.
Sure this isn’t (yet) where it should be, but that’s part of the fun of early adoption.
The old “programmable” thermostats I had before were trash.
These thermostats are way better, and I fully expect firmware updates to make them even better.

As someone who works as a product manager, there is a minimum threshold for an MVP that needs to be met before releasing to the public. I do not think it was met.

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