Thermostat Question - Away Setting

I set my thermostat to be Away at a certain time of day. I happened to set this to begin about 15 minutes before I’m actually going from my house.

I kept noticing the heat coming on after the schedule was supposed to have turned it down. I have correlated this to me passing in front of the thermostat and it detecting movement. Basically, it sees something and has decided someone is home so it sets the “state” to Home… Thereby turning the heat back up.

My question is, is my theory correct? Is it seeing a body and being “smart” and turning itself back to the Home setting?

I was trying to use the thermostat as any basic scheduled thermostat and didn’t want it to vary beyond the schedule (unless I override it). I don’t want it thinking.

It feels like I will just have to not use the “Away” block in my scheduling and change it to Home and then override the temperatures for that block of time.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it documented somewhere that if I would’ve read the instructions, it would say that?

Edit: also, I have set the thermostat to Max Savings because I thought that put it into a more strict mode where it would just do what I told it to do and not be Smart.


Yes, The wyze sees you are not actually away and is being helpful to prevent you from sweating/freezing.
Apparently, the “sleep” setting will not do this, so you can use that setting instead if you do not want it to wake up automatically and resume “Home” temperature settings when it detects you walking past it.

But that’s… stupid? Besides the obvious issue of it not doing what it’s told, why should one (perceived) motion in one spot control the actions of a heating system across an entire home? If the device is in the hall and the person stays in the office or bedroom they are allowed to freeze in peace?

I think it allows for a situation where you want that to happen… i.e. my wife came home today a couple hours early and it detected her and turned the heat on.

It’s not really a big deal to not use the Away setting… Here’s how you do it:

Home: 6:00 a.m. Heat 72 (72 is the default)
Home: 8:00 a.m. Heat 60 (You override the default Home setting and make it 60). This is actually your Away temperature preferences.
Home: 6:00 p.m. Heat 72 (Leave default)
Sleep: 11:00 p.m. Heat 65 (65 is the default).

This schedule makes the Thermostat just use the schedule if you want. If you want it to be more dynamic… then you have the option of the Away setting to use and have your house just welcome you home automatically. I like it. It’s interesting and pretty easy to compensate for at this point if you don’t want to use it. Thermostat schedules are not that complicated for most of us, let’s be honest.

I’m sure they will add a toggle to disable the smart function on the Away setting at some point.

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Okay thanks. Makes sense in the context of “sensing you came home early”.

You could always use auto switch to automatically switch to away when you leave, it works quite well

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I have tried this as I thought the logic was good… What I have discovered is that the Home temperature setting under Temperature Preferences is what gets activated when the motion sensor is triggered. So even though you have changed the Home temperature in Schedule to a different value, it gets overridden by Temperature Preferences. I am going to replace Home with Sleep in Schedule and see what happens.

I would love to just have a toggle in settings that was “Schedule Override” OFF or something like that.

Sleep in Schedule appears to put the device into a suspend mode. It works the same way as Away EXCEPT that it disables the motion sensor. The controls still work on the unit. I can now Sleep the upstairs and not have the motion sensor switch to Home for the 3 minutes I go up there.