Combo: Freeze/Temp, Water, Humidity Sensor

There has been suggestion for a temp/humidity sensor and another suggestion for a water leak detector, but I am proposing a 3-in-1 sensor:

Pipes bursting due to freezing can cost thousands in damage.

Water leaks (like a washing machine hose failure) can also cause thousands in damage.

The addition of a humidity sensor would also help make sure basements don’t grow mold and mildew that can ruin items in storage. And with integration with smart switches, it can turn on a dehumidifier when needed.

So a long-life (minimum of 6 months) sensor that can do all three would be very universal and helpful.

How about adding a water leak sensing function together?

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Having just experienced a blown water line to my washer I can attest that having a water leak detection device would be a great product idea. In my case I happened to be home at the time and was able to turn my water off within about 5 minutes. Had I not been home or upstairs and not heard the line burst this would have been a disaster.
I will be purchasing a water leak detection alarm but this is only going to be helpful if I’m home to hear it. Having something send me a notification would be wonderful.


AGREED! I want a water sensor near my sump pump!!

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You are not alone regarding a need to wet floor / carpet sensor. I’m one of you on wet dry alarm.

After years of craving with no positive respond or interest with Wyze I begin to analyze the underline agenda of monitor service provider, phone device developer, search engine provider in relation with the general public.

Security monitoring device is no different from smart phone, wearable devices and stationary device with internet access, directly or indirectly. They all can access to and also be accessed from Google, Apple and all other authorized agencies.

When it comes to product development the product and business manager has a priority list that define which come first vs last in favor to receive more or less subsidized on development cost or tax break.

Smart phone (now all has camera, microphone email account and data base) offers the most valuable intelligence gets a top priority, While wet dry device has little to no personal intelligence come out at bottom of list.

Be realistic, we give up / out our personal intelligence inadvertently or knowingly in return for little to free search engine and security monitoring service. That also indirectly cover fractional cost in our inexpensive monitoring device/camera.

Our best bet is to be innovate ourselves (or aid from others) with improvised device capable to trigger the associate alarm of our cameras.

Also I have some experience with another companies combo sensor and I hope the Wyze engineers will read this post…

Another company offers an 3-in-1 (Temp/Humid/Water) sensor that can lay on the floor so that the water sensors will detect water underneath the item. But this one configuration is not the best because:

  1. Because the temp and humidity sensors are within the same small unit, they too will be close to the floor if the device is placed on the floor, This can often swing the temp sensor to see a colder temperature then it would if the temp sensor wasn’t as close to the floor.
  2. In the same way, the humidity sensor will often show a higher humidity being close to the floor than it would if it wasn’t so close to the floor.

So, the ideal solution would be to have two configurations for the device:

  1. Use the device as an all-in-one device and place it on the floor so it can detect water. or
  2. Have an optional remote water sensor that can plug into the device that would then allow the device to be placed higher off the floor so the temp and humid readings will be more accurate, but also allow the remote water sensor to be placed exactly where it is needed to monitor for a water leak.

I hope my personal experience will be helpful in the design of a new Wyze device :wink:

I purchased a water leak detector that is audible only. This was an inexpensive unit purchased from HD store (cost around $12).

It is a dual configuration unit. You can set the entire unit directly on the floor or you can mount the electronic unit on the wall and place the continuity sensor on the floor. The sensor can be detached from the bottom of the unit and it has a wire lead that’s about 1 meter long.

The detector I purchased is only useful if you’re home to here it. I know some of the higher end full house security systems can incorporate the temp/humidity/leak detectors but they are pretty expensive.

This is a concept I plan to implement. Pretty simple and doesn’t cost an arm or leg.

(1) use a Wyze cam and 5V1A supply we already have or buy a dedicated one, (2) a wet floor or leak sensor siren. (3) set our WYZE cam alarm responding to sound at a set level of sensitivity. (Excessive - separation between Wyze cam and water leak siren device or ambient noise, can compromise the reliability of this plan)

False alarm or not may be verify with by remote view the specific camera.

Hope this help,

You workaround for a water sensor could work.

However, this thread is suggesting/requesting a combination of water alarm AND temp and humidity sensor/monitoring.

Well it looks like Wyze is coming out with a separate water leak and temp sensor in 2021 as mentioned in the middle of this page under the title “More than just security”

I hope the temp sensor will also monitor humidity :slight_smile:


I also hope the leak and temp sensors include a local built-in speaker so I can hear the alarm even without my phone.

I currently use SimpliSafe, and the only thing stopping me from switching to Wyze is that I have freeze sensors under the house and in the house and water leak detection sensors in the house that would alert me that I don’t see in the list of sensors for Wyze. Are there plans to add temp sensors and water leak sensors?