Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors Now Available - 10/12/21

For leaks and room temp geeks! Get notified whenever leaks happen in your home or when the temp changes beyond your comfort. Wyze Sense Leak Sensor and Wyze Sense Climate Sensor are back in stock!


This is good. I ended up using both of these a lot more that I first thought I would, and found I wanted a bunch more of them for me to put in other places in my house. I’ve been on the list to be emailed as soon as they came back in stock. Wyze did a good job on making both of these pretty useful, and a really good price as usual.


Thanks, carver! This is going to make a bunch of people smile today! :heart:


Same here and ordering more now… :+1:


Great Products, I now have 6 Temp Sensors and 9 Leak sensors. working like a champ. I just put one temp sensor on my porch to monitor the outside temperature as well. It is out of direct weather. :slight_smile:


My order of the leak sensors were delivered today! (I placed the order a couple of weeks ago.)

I didn’t think I needed any when they were first released. But, the more I thought about it, I realized that I really needed to put one next to my sump pump. Then to use the other 2, I’ll put one by the water heater and one either under the dishwasher or under the water meter in the basement.


You said that right! :blush: I didn’t get to order on the first round but I grabbed some this time. Can’t wait to get these! :partying_face:


Got more probes to go with my initial order of 15 sensors… unfortunate reasons why I felt I needed that many sesnors, but no one said home ownership was for the dry🤣


My leak sensor order just shipped today.

Edit: Got it in 3 days. Ordered the 12th, shipped the 13th, received the 15th. :slight_smile:


Sounds familiar… check it out.


Thanks for the link. I like those ideas. Especially the one where you put the probe into the sump pump crock. My challenge with that idea is my crock is part of the radon mitigation system, so it’s sealed.

I’ll have to work on that in the morning.


Do these temp/leak sensors need a monthly subscription?

The Leak Sensors connect to the Wyze Sense Hub, that comes with the home monitoring system, that does have a monthly subscription.

Therefore the leak sensor DO NOT work independently.

However you can get the Home monitoring kit with an annual subscription, which lowers the price, comes with additional sensors, and does not have to be renewed after the year if memory serves me. You then keep the Wyze Sense Hub.
Wyze Home Monitoring Service

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I’m sure this has been asked and requested before but these should be sold without home monitoring needed. I already have cameras, etc.


I agree!

Near as I can tell:

  • I can purchase the kit I want, with 3 Leak Sensors and a Probe for $35.

  • And then just to get a $23 Hub that’s required, I need to purchase a $70 Home Monitoring package and throw away ~$47 of equipment that I don’t want & won’t use ($10 for Motion Sensor, $17 for Entry Sensors, $20 for Keypad).

  • Then add another $5 for a month of the Monitoring service that I don’t want, but can cancel after a month.

  • So to get what I want should cost me approx $58 for the sensor kit & hub, but I’ll have to pay $110 to get it and then throw away half of the equipment.

I get that they’re trying to force us down a path & get more money, but most of us have many cameras & know what we want. Seems like a ridiculous business plan!

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