Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors and Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Kits now available! 6/22/21

Extend peace of mind to even more areas in your home with Wyze Sense Leak Sensor and Wyze Sense Climate Sensor. Get a FREE leak sensor and probe when you purchase an annual Wyze Home Monitoring subscription for a limited time. Secure and monitor your home for just $5/month.


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Summer is officially here! And so are Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kits!

The Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit comes with everything you need to help your Wyze Robot Vacuum maintain peak cleaning performance:

  • High-performance HEPA filter x4
  • Edge brush x 4
  • Main brush x 2

Don’t wait too long, though! We only have a limited number of kits on hand. We wanted to get these to you as soon as possible, but a bigger shipment is coming in a few weeks.

Now that your Wyze Robot Vacuum has spent some time mapping out and cleaning up your floors, it’s time to show them a little love with some shiny new parts.


Is this only compatible with home monitoring or can it be used standalone?

You need Wyze Home Monitoring hardware to use it. They connect to the Hub. :slight_smile:


Sucks :disappointed_relieved:. I would have bought some leak sensors if they were standalone.


We’re sorry to hear that this product did not fit your needs. :disappointed:

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What’s the difference between a leak sensor and a leak probe?

Would it be possible for the early backers of the home monitor system to get the free leak sensor when we back and pre order the leak sensor?


The leak probe is the little wire that hooks to the sensor so you can measure a hard to reach place. (like if your water pipes are behind a wall you can just drill a small hole for the wire instead of a large hole for the whole sensor)


The probe is an extension to the leak sensor. It is a seconday sensor that is smaller to go in hard to reach spaces like under a fridge or dishwasher. When using the probe tethered to a sensor but will detect leaks and can be identified in the app.


I was hoping for something similar as a perk for being an early backer of home monitoring :slight_smile:

@impactgun, I’ll mention it to the team! Though I don’t know if we’re in a position to implement that (it also depends on how it would work with the website). :slight_smile:


Can the leak probe and sensor work together? For example, if you have twin sinks, can you you have the probe under a sink and attached to a sensor that is under the second sink?

Also, any plans to have packs larger than 3? I have a big house and would consider adding these any place there is a potential for a water leak (all baths, laundry, HVAC ,etc).

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If the probe is long enough to reach your desired location, either the probe or the sensor should trigger an alert

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Does anyone know how long the probe is? I didn’t see that listed anyplace.

Its one meter in length.

The info is hiding on the standalone item page.


:+1: That should be long enough for me!

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I’m guessing that even though these can detect heat, that these aren’t the “Fire/Heat” sensors that Wyze was indicating were being worked on? I mean, I guess I could put these near space heaters, or oven/stove and if a fire started it would spike the temperature pretty fast and in that sense could alert me there is a temperature problem, but I expect there will be something else coming out specifically designed toward fire or smoke and not just room temperature? Just clarifying.

Either way, I bought 2 packs of each of these sensors. My wife loves to know the humidity levels in bedrooms, etc. and we started having a dishwasher leak sometimes randomly.

I know these say not for outdoor use, but I wonder how the leak sensors would do for telling you about rain, like stick the probe outside somewhere and when it senses rain, maybe you could have some kind of rule or at least an alert in case you need to go move or change something.


Purchased 2 packs of Leak sensors and climate sensor. Looking forward to it. Been needing the leak sensors for sometime now. Once again, Wyze must have read my mind. :slight_smile:


This is the first launch in memory where there wasn’t a huge banner on the homepage announcing the launch of a new product. It was also difficult to navigate to the products from the home page (at least earlier today when I was trying to order). I had to either get to them through my email or from the forum link.

This might affect the sales of these since it’s not as convenient to find or order as most launches. I couldn’t even find them by clicking on the HMS either. I had to go find the email or look for this thread to even get to them.

Just thought I’d point all of this out in case Wyze HQ wonders why there isn’t as much traffic for these as expected. It is hard to navigate to find them without finding a direct link somewhere else. From a business standpoint, I would recommend updating the home page and HMS page to link to them in some way.

Also, clicking on the HMS build my own system page should include these too like it includes other items (sensors, cams, keypads, etc).

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