Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors and Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Kits now available! 6/22/21

Thanks for posting this probe 2 pack! I totally missed that extra probes were available for order, and made an update to get some more. In addition to reaching places the bigger sensor might not reach, I think these should make a leak sensor act like 2 leak sensors, right? The probe can detect AND the big sensor can also detect. Makes it cover a lot more area when the locations are nearby. Cheaper than just buying an extra sensor. At least I am assuming they can be used that way. If not, they’re still nice to be able to slide under things that would be hard to do with main sensor.

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Will the leak sensor and climate sensors work with the original Wyze Sense kit? Motion sensor, contact sensor and bridge

No, these sensors are incompatible with Wyze Sense v1. They must be paired with a Wyze Sense Hub, found in the Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit.

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@WyzeGwendolyn Are these temp sensors the ones that were talked about in conjunction with the Thermostat or are there still some standalone temp sensors in the pipe for that?

The sensors for the thermostat are a separate product, and are still in the works.


Sensors for the thermostat are a different device from what was launched today


Beat me to it :smiley:

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Hey @WyzeGwendolyn thanks for the new product launch, I’ve been waiting for these for a while and got one of each!

Quick question, you mentioned the purchase of an annual subscription would give you a free leak sensor kit, I already pre-ordered and have installed by HMS system, can I pay for my next year’s subscription in order to participate in the promo?


I don’t know , good question ,. let me see here
Oh , I found this and looks like this answers the question

Your free Wyze Sense Leak Sensor and Probe will be visible in your cart at checkout and will be processed as a preorder. Ships beginning in August 2021. Terms & Conditions

Promotional Terms & Conditions

Buy an Annual Wyze Home Monitoring Subscription and get one Wyze Sense Leak Sensor and one Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Probe free

Get a FREE Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Promotion (“Promotion”) is good for one (1) Wyze Sense Leak Sensor and one (1) Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Probe on qualifying orders. To qualify you must purchase Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit with an annual subscription to Wyze Home Monitoring. Offer valid only on wyze.com. Offer is limited to stock on hand. Offer not transferable; no resale allowed. Offer is limited to one (1) per customer. Offer valid starting 6/22/2021 at 9:00am PST and ends when the quantity (5000) is sold out. If the quantity of (5000) is not sold out by 9/30/2021 then the promotion will end on 9/30/3021 at 11:59pm PST. No code required. Offer does not apply to previous purchases. Offer limited to the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Wyze reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without advance notice.

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Regarding these sensors and how often they report, such as being periodic or exception based (only report when temp or humidy changes by at least x amount), someone said:

This is why they are able to use a smaller battery than the other sensors and still last a long time.

Just thought some other people would interested in the information someone shared in another forum about these (named WyzeDavid on Reddit, but as yet unconfirmed if they’re an actual employee).


Understood, thanks!!

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My question., is there a setting to show
Temperature Measured in Tenths?

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Great news on the new sensors orders have been made.

Great news on the vac accessories as well, one suggestion you could pass along @WyzeGwendolyn. Update the WYZE App WRV accessory page to take the customer to the accessory purchase page. When you select buy now it takes the customer to the WYZE main page

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Can I use the Home Monitoring System without paying for the monthly service? I just want to monitor it myself but I like the new sensors. Really disappointing if I can’t do that, please make the sensors work with the standard Wyze app, The only reason to limit it is to force people to pay you monthly…

If I buy the Home Monitoring starter kit, and cancel the service I keep the hardware, but can I do anything with it at that point? I didn’t see this mentioned in the FAQ or anywhere else.

Anyway, thanks for all the awesome products!

PS. Get more lamps and nightlights in stock please.


The exact question I logged into the forum for. I don’t need/want professional monitoring. I just want to use the new sensors how I use the v1 sense stuff. I don’t really want the hub either. I really liked the camera back packs for the v1 sense. I thought it was really innovative and a market differentiator.

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All the new v2 sensors connect to the new hub only but you can connect v1 sensors to the new hub. I have no problem monitoring my sensors in the normal wyze app without going under the monitoring service things are still working the same as before with sense just going thru the hub now instead of the old camera hub add on the home monitor service has its own special tab that you can use if you want but everything works without it. I hope this information helps
Ps the new hub covers a much bigger area and responds much faster to alerts


So it sounds like it will work how I’m looking for then? Sweet thanks, I appreciate the response.

Good to know you don’t need a monitoring service. I ordered a hub

Yep it works without the service … also if you happen to get the bundle that comes with the service you can put it in test mode so it won’t call moonlight or anything like that unless you take it out of test mode. So you could still get the new features without it calling moonlight if you wish.

I haven’t been able to order the either of the sensor packs. Anyone have the spinning bar on shipping page and get stuck? I removed them from the cart and tried one at a time. I used 2 different machines both with the same result. Never had problems buying things before from them this way.

Edit: It is something in the Chrome browser, I used a different one and it went through.