Wyze Sense Leak Sensors and whether probes are necessary

My mother-in-law sometimes gets water in the basement of her summer home. I want to install Wyze Sense Leak Sensors in that home to electronically monitor what is happening in the house when we aren’t around. My thought is to put one in the basement (by the sump pumps), another by the water heater, and the third in the bathroom under the sink.

I understand that I need the Core pack to make them work, but does each sensor also need a probe to work? I see that they offer a Wyse Sense Leak Sensor (3 pack) with one probe for $30 and separately offer a Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Probe (2 pack) for $15.

In other words, am I good just getting the 3 pack of leak sensors (with only one probe) or does each sensor need a probe to work right.

Thanks in advance to any help that is given.

Leak sensors alone will do the work if you have a clear space to place them to detect a leak.

You connect a strobe to the leak sensor to detect a leak in a difficult to reach area. That’s the use case of the strobe. It doesn’t work alone.


Thanks for the explanation. Very helpful.

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