Notify when laundry is done

A promotion for the Wyze Cam shows a comment that he used his to notify him when his laundry was done. Does anyone know how he did this? My laundry is in a room where I can’t hear when it’s done.

If i recall correctly his washer/dryer had a dial that would rotate as the launfry went and he had it set up that when it reached done the sensor would line up and trigger closed. This wont work on mine as mine are all buttons


Thanks Jason. Yeah, mine is all buttons as well.

HDRock can you be more specific? How would a Contact Sensor work for this?

When the knob turns and comes into proximity of the other half of the sensor it will send a notification to the wyze app and your device

Thanks HDRock, but there’s nothing in this video offering a way to notify me when my laundry dryer stops. Any other ideas?


The video is to familiarize you with the sensors
You stated
“Thanks Jason. Yeah, mine is all buttons as well”.
Because of the fact that your equipment has buttons ,at this time I don’t see any way that the sensors are going to be able to alert you when they are done or started or anything, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done , use your ingenuity, there is always more than one way to do it

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My washer and dryer are in the basement. The sound of the end of cycle was not loud enough to hear in the rest of the hosue.

When I looked for a new washer and dryer (this was several years ago) there was a dryer that would send you a text message when it was done. That dryer cost $1000 more than the same model that didn’t do that. I didn’t get it.

What I did get was a $10 baby monitor. It sits above the dryer. When I’m doing laundry, I hook the receiver up to my belt and no matter where I am in the house I can tell when the washer or dryer are done.

I’ve heard that there are some electric sockets that have power monitoring. They can be set to trigger an action in IFTTT when electric usage goes up or down. Those could be used to to notify you when the dryer is done.

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