Wyze Smart Plugs with V3 cams

Hi guys, I’m looking for Opinions from anyone interested in telling me their experiences (both positive and negative) with Wyze Smart Plugs as used with V3 cameras specifically. I’ve asked this before but am looking for any updated or additional feedback…Thanks

Also, if you have other Smart Plugs that you would like to tell me about I’m open to hearing about them, but Wyze Smart Plugs are of most interest to me right now.

I like the KASA Smart Wi-Fi plug mini, model HS 105. Great features and app and I don’t like to have all my eggs in one basket. :chicken:

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Thanks… I appreciate your input…tlhutch4

I have various vendors products. I have Wyze plugs, which recently have been okay. I have Kasa plugs, power strips, light switches which all work well. I have YoLink switches and outdoor power strips which work well. I also have Z-Wave switches and outlets running with SmartThings which work well. All depends on what you need to do.

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@WildBill Does this mean you weren’t happy with your Wyze plugs but are now happy for some reason (like newer version or something else) ?

Honest answer as I see it.

I personally use the Wyze Plug with my PoE Switch which provides power to 6 V3 Cameras. I actually really like this setup as I can reset the cameras easily and while not in the home. Never had any issue with my setup.

However, there is a lot of merit in using a different vendor device, like Kasa, or other devices. However, that would require additional apps.

I wanted to use one app as I used to have a bunch of different ones and then different Smart Setups. Got to be a little crazy when I had to restart things. So I settled on one IoT setup: Wyze, and have never looked back. I do use Home Assistant as a test bed for other things and have my Wyze Products loaded in that as well. But I truly use the Wyze App and all Wyze Devices as my primary IoT devices.


Exactly the same plugs here and same reason for having them.

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No, they’ve just been better behaved recently. I won’t be buying any more Wyze plugs. I find the others to be better.

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I’m currently using 5 smart plugs for my cameras. Incase I need to power cycle them.

I bought wyze plugs so that I wouldn’t have to use another app just for the smart plugs, but I agree that using another brands smart plugs could come in handy whenever wyze’s servers go down and the smart plugs become inaccessible but I digress.

Been using the wyze smart plugs for about 3 months now. I was a bit weary before I bought them because I heard that they had connectivity issues and some users reported that they would go offline repeatedly but mine have been solid ever since .

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Sounds like you have a
Can you describe this setup please ? It sounds like you somehow have a Smart plug in an outlet followed by some sort of switch and then all the cameras plugged into the switch.

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I use a PoE switch and then ran Ethernet Cables to all locations I want a camera. I then purchased the PoE splitter for power and Data. I use the power side to plug in the camera. The Switch is plugged into the Wyze Plug which I can control if I need to.

The nice thing for me is I am ready for Full PoE when and if Wyze releases an Ethernet connected Camera.

This is what I have:

PoE Splitter:

UCTRONICS PoE Splitter Gigabit 5V - Micro USB Power and Ethernet to Raspberry Pi 3B+, Work with Echo Dot, Most Micro USB Security Camera and Tablet - IEEE 802.3af Compliant (amazon.com)

PoE Switch:

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (GS308PP) - with 8 x PoE+ @ 83W, Desktop or Wall Mount (amazon.com)

Wyze Plug:

Wyze Plug | Best Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Outlet & Wall Plug


That’s a very well-done system you have. It is certainly more that I have. In my case I just plug my cams into an outlet. I’m away from my cameras right now (many miles) and 1 has gone OFFLINE.
Although I made the decision to not use Smart Plugs on my cameras I may get one for the cam that’s OFFLINE now when I return home.
I’m expecting to get a Wyze Smart plug but have heard that they aren’t dependable. That’s why I was wondering if people have found them to be dependable (not prone to go OFFLINE).

I had some unreliable ones, but those were version 1 for me. the newer ones with the latest Firmware seem to be working fine. I cannot remember the last time they went offline.

Of course, now I may have jinxed myseld :slight_smile:

Some have decided to use a different Plug Brand and others have actually replaced the outlet with a smart outlet and included the USB ports as well.

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Some time ago, you were asking pretty much the same question, and few of us gave you pretty much the same answer. Using a smart plug is not a necessity to run the cameras. It’s more of a piece of mind. Also, we suggested that you might have some networking issue taking into consideration that this one camera tends to go offline.

Just curious, why did you chose to go with Wyze plug? Looks like you are second guessing your decision. If I remember correctly, last time you mentioned that you were going to get the Kasa plugs. What changed your mind?

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Just something to consider: I have plugs and outlets from various companies. In all the time I’ve been using them, I’ve only had real problems with the Wyze plugs. Constant firmware upgrades, servers offline, etc. Haven’t experienced that with the products from other companies. Kasa plugs may be a better choice simply because they most likely won’t be offline when you need to cycle your cameras.

Amen to that. I’ve had mine for over a year and only one app upgrade and no firmware upgrade at all. Rock solid.

I have 6 Wyze Plugs, and had mostly good experiences with them, once the bugs were worked out with firmware updates. I also had two Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug-Slim Edition (KP100), which I don’t think are available anymore. The Two Kasa plugs were bullet proof, never going offline.

Fast Forward to January 2023, I had Solar Installed, and with it, a Sense Energy Monitoring System, that not only monitors my Solar Production, it can identify power loads in the house (hit and miss), but to take the guess work out identifying power loads, Sense works with TP-Link/Kasa Smart Plugs (EP25, KP125 & KP115) and a the Kasa HS-300 Power Strip that are Energy Monitors.

Thus, this would mark the end of purchasing any further Wyze Smart Plugs for me, due to the lack of Energy Monitoring on the Wyze Smart Plugs.

The Kasa Plugs that are energy monitoring, provide energy monitoring also via the Kasa App, the Sense system is not required. Use of Sense made me aware of the Energy Monitoring Feature of the TP-Link/Kasa plugs.

A four pack of Wyze Smart Plugs is $27.98 as of this posting, a four pack of TP-Link EP25’s is $38.88 on Amazon today. (I can’t find the KP125’s or KP115’s on Amazon, so perhaps those are EOL)

So, in a nutshell, until Wyze offers Power Monitoring that is compatible with the Sense System, I’m no longer in the market for Wyze Plugs.



I did try Kasa and returned them.

I am thinking of switching back primarily because I like the Wyze Forum so much better than theirs and could not get History like in the Wyze app Rules page. Additionally, I’m hoping that the Wyze Smart Plug has improved and does not drop OFFLINE as was my previous experience.
I’m only going to get 2 Wyze plugs this time and will give them a try.

I’ve gotten somewhat mixed reviews to my original question on this Forum. Some are very happy with Wyze Smart plugs and many seem to like Kasa. Some say another supplier other than Wyse would be a good idea for a couple reasons.

I already use several Smart plugs to control lights in my home. They work perfectly. At this point I have a somewhat limited reason for getting more of them. I want to be able to get my cameras back ONLINE (especially when I am away from home). Previously when I was using a Smart plug on my cameras the Smart plugs went offline occasionally and made access to my camera impossible. ( Crazy that the reason I got smart plugs actually put access to my cameras impossible). I’m hoping they are better now with Firmware updates.

The main problem with Wyze ATM is the very bad history of the V1 Plug. Worked great for a long time, then fell offline randomly for a long time. They have since fixed that, but there are still instances where it goes offline (certain server issues and some router changes).

The V2 works great ATM, so if you order one I’d make sure a V2 arrives. The nice thing about Wyze Plugs is you can integrate them in Rules (see a person, turn on something).

I do have other manufacturers – WeMo is a “no way again” for range, update, and power interruption reasons, and Koogeek, which has worked well, other than reliably not coming back online after a power outage (even though I UPS my Internet equipment).

As a matter of fact, I now have a Wyze Plug in series with the only Koogeek that is still online so I can cycle power to it again after a power outage, lol (it does come back eventually). The only reason the Koogeek is still online is because it has 2 power outlets. My other one was replaced with a Wyze outdoor switch, which also has 2 outlets.

As far as what camera is plugged in, it doesn’t matter unless the camera draws over 15 amps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response about my question regarding Wyze Smart Pugs. I will certainly be sure to get the V2. When I order my Wyze Smart Plugs (probably Amazon) how will I know if they are V2 ? Could you help me determine this. They are currently on Amazon.

Also, I’m uncertain about the meaning of “ATM” in your response. This may be a “dumb” question, but could you elaborate please…Cheers, tlhutch4