Bait and switch on cyber monday deal

Just thought I would let everyone know that wyze is using bait and switch techniques on Cyber Monday deal. See the picture below. When I tried to purchase using the Buy with Prime button that is clearly below the “OR” it charges full price for the item not the discounted price. Chatted with support who claims that if you pay with prime you have to pay full price. I guess the original Wyze mission statement is out the window…Just another big company squeezing us like lemons…sad…sad…sad.


It’s not bait and switch since the price is correct if you check out through the Wyze store however, that button is one of the best examples of poor UX I’ve run into in a while. Unlike just about every other alternative payment option on sites, this one isn’t actually that.

Basically, it’s the exact same thing as going to the amazon site and buying it there, so, if Amazon isn’t discounting the item, you won’t get a discounted price. That thing should probably be a tab above the product to let you switch between buying on the wyze site or buying through amazon so there’s no confusion.

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Funny thing is if you select the 6 pack option the buy with prime button goes away…hmmmm

because the 6 pack isn’t sold on Amazon…

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