$15 Off For Black Wyze Floodlight Pro?

Will the $15 off deal be there when the Floodlight Pro in black is available?


In a way it’s actually $30 off. You get $15 upfront and another $15 in credit when it ships.
The current promotion expires 06/05/2023 11:59PM PT.

They may or may not do another deal when the Black one goes on sale. I would guess it will get a slight discount, but not likely to get $30 off again. But you never know.

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I got the $15 upfront but don’t see a $15 credit on my account after receiving it.

Check your email, maybe even your spam folder. They send you a code by email, per the terms:

Additional bonus $15 credit will be given once the order ships and is only applied once per order. This bonus credit will sent through email

Here is what mine looked like:

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I’ve checked and I received nothing. But I just read this:

“Additional bonus $15 credit does not apply to Buy With Prime orders. Buy With Prime prices are as listed when checking out with Buy With Prime. Coupon must be used in Buy With Prime checkout in order to apply”.

I paid with Prime but never saw anything about putting a coupon in at checkout with Prime. I feel like Wyze screwed me again!

Oh yeah, lots of stuff doesn’t apply to “Buy with Prime” because that basically processes your entire order through Amazon and Amazon warehouses instead of through Wyze and their warehouses and shop supplier, so Wyze is more limited on things Amazon allows them to do when you select Buy with Prime. It also causes weird things like having to go through Amazon for some order issues instead of going through Wyze. Because of the Amazon Agreement complications I almost never choose “Buy with Prime” unless it is something that I need ASAP. It’s a nice option for some people though.

If it ends up being really, really important to you (or anyone else), you can always return the order you already made and then instead just re-order a new one no later than Monday directly through Wyze and get the other credit as well.

Can I even return it can get all my money back? Or would I get hit with a restock fee, since I never installed it and as far as I know there is nothing wrong with it. But yeah, I’d want that extra $15 credit.

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I have never heard of a restock fee for Wyze. I think I’ve heard of some people report that they didn’t have a shipping fee refunded with some of their returns, but since the shipping fee was waived for this launch, I don’t think you have to worry about that.

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Was able to find their return policy, looks like I have 30 days to get a full refund minus the shipping charge. Since the shipping was free this isn’t an issue. It doesn’t say there has to be a reason for the return. And yes there is no restocking fee. Seems like such a waste, you’d think Wyze would save themselves the return shipping cost and just credit me the $15. Because if I like this floodlight then I will need that credit to my account to buy another one in black for the front porch, as I’m sure the price will increase by then.

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You could always ask Support first.

I think they would normally happy do that, but they may not be able to since this is a special kind of credit that uses a coupon code and has an expiration date. That ensures it is used on their site by a specific date, and sometimes coupons aren’t stackable, and other potential considerations. Due to the limitations, support might be required to tell you to go through the whole return process if that is the only way to have the coupon generated based on the way things were set up with their store partner. Not their fault in a way, but certainly not ideal for all involved. Also, they wouldn’t want every single Buy with Prime order to ask for a $15 credit just because they gave it to one person. It is what it is. But who knows, maybe they CAN do it. Can’t hurt to ask.

Just make sure you have your new one ordered no later than Monday if you’re going to go that route.

I also plan to use my credit(s) toward a black one. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have their contact number, I can’t seem to find it now.

(206) 339-9646

It will give the number on the support page if we go through the bot prompts during business hours and at the end tell it we want to call instead of chat.
If it’s not during business hours I believe it will usually suggest submitting by email.

We’re open for support between 6:00 am - 6:00 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for the number. I just got off the phone with Wyze and in broken English they said someone would get back to me. I’m not feeling confident about this considering this deal ends Monday night and it won’t give me much time to return this floodlight and order it again, if they can’t credit me the $15 to my account.

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You’re welcome. As you said, there isn’t a lot of time left, but you can decide what to do on Monday. Even if they tell you they can’t credit you, it’s not a huge deal as you could still decide to return it if you want to go that route, it just would’ve been a little more convenient for everyone. But there could be limitations involved since they have a shopping partner that generates the coupon codes, etc.

What really sucks is that I was planning on installing it today but now I don’t want to go to all that trouble if I’m going to end up having to return it. But the whole discount process seems unnecessary the way it’s designed. Would have been so much easier if the entire amount was an instant discount without having to do a coupon code. It’s as if they hope someone would mess it up and pay full price or get a partial discount, like what happened with me.

BTW @Resist I just tested using the $15 coupon we’ve been discussing (the one they sent by email after it ships) to buy another Floodlight Pro, and that coupon code can’t stack with any other coupon. That means that I had to choose between using the code that gives me $15 off plus free shipping (and another $15 coupon after it ships) or just use the $15 off code I got in the email. I could not use both.

So, it is worth noting that this coupon won’t stack with other special coupons in the future. If the black floodlight has a similar special (though it might not), you won’t be able to use it with that special anyway. It might be better to use it on something else (which is what I am going to do). Just wanted to let you know how it works and that it doesn’t stack anyway.

It figures. And ultimately that money goes right back to Wyze via their huge shipping fees.

So I’m thinking I will just return it because I’m also having issues with the flood movement. In another thread I discussed how I felt Wyze was falsely advertising how the floods move, because mine doesn’t move that way. Several other showed videos where theirs move the way it does in the Wyze promotional video. I’m thinking my floodlight hinges are too tight, the right one even squeaks and I can’t find a way to loosen them up and the center hinge that tilts the floods up and down is really tight.

Just used my $15 coupon to buy another Floodlight Pro in black and it worked. So I received the sale price of $134.98 minus another $15. Out the door it was $130.48 this time around. No free shipping unless paying with Amazon Prime.

But I just realized Wyze charged me for shipping on the white Floodlight Pro I initially ordered and shipping was supposed to be free.

That’s GREAT that it worked. I think it’s because when it launched, the discount required a coupon code, and since we can’t stake, it was the only code that could be used. Since the current discount doesn’t require a coupon code, we can use the $15 off code on it now! That worked out great!

I am not sure why you got charged shipping on the first order. I know shipping was free when we used the coupon code, and I think buy with prime usually includes free shipping too (I rarely use buy with Prime, so I am not confident how that all works), but you can ask Support why you were charged shipping. I’ve had instances in the past where I wasn’t supposed to be charged shipping and they just took care of it for me if they could verify that was actually the case.

I just found another Wyze email for the black Floodlight Pro and it says free shipping too. So why was I again charged for shipping on the black one now?!

Is there anyway to get a hold of someone at Wyze via chat? Because it’s not working.