2020 Wyze Black Friday CamPlus offer Clarification

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On the “Free Wyze Cam v3 when you get a year of Cam Plus for $23.88” deal, I assumed that means we can’t use any promotional/redemption/coupon codes, but on the review your order screen it makes me hesitate because it has a spot to enter a redemption code, even though it is a page built specifically for this offer. Can I use a redemption code such as recent promo codes I got in an email from you for 10% or another email I got that offered a % off camplus, or the WYZE5PAY code for $5 off? Or some others.

Are ANY redemption codes allowed to be used with this, or will using any redemption codes invalidate the offer because then I’m not paying “the full $23.88” for each one as it says we must do?

I think I want to order the max of 7, but I want to know if I am allowed to use promo codes, or if that will invalidate the special offer and screw me? I read ALL the terms and it is ambiguous on this.

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Can’t you enter a code and see the price before committing to buying?

And why is it for:
First-time Cam Plus users only
Reward those of us who have been dedicated users!


I hear you, this is a real slap in the face to the loyal users! I’m not one that gets on here and complains about everything. Some people on here complain all the time about something, but this is kind of a slap in the face to the loyal users.


It’s the same crap cable and cell companies pull.
Not saying it’s right. I agree, it’s a slap in the face to loyal customers.

So i did not have cam plus other than a free trial on my new v3. I added cam plus to my cart and checked out but it was only the 14.99 price and it didn’t show 23.99 or that i would get a free v3 Camera. Did that already run out?

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Can someone let me know If you add multiple subscriptions to the cart will you get multiple free cameras? :v::blue_heart:

Limit in the Fine Print says it’s limited to seven for this offer.


I just took advantage of this very same offer but never received the coupon code for the free camera. Cam plus now shows on my account but no code for the offer. Not good.

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Yes, but it doesn’t tell you if it invalidates the offer. They say you order CamPlus first, then sometime later if you did it right they will send you a code to get a free V3. If you messed it up you keep CamPlus but don’t get the code. That’s e why I want an answer before using a code, there is no other way to know.

How long ago did you order? I ordered and it discounted to $14.99 so I am wondering if I will still get the offer?

Then it went wrong. I added them to my cart last night and they are all charging $23.88 in the order screen like this:

instead of now if I use a new screen I get this too:

so I keeping that previous screen open so I hopefully don’t lose it too
Maybe they ran out? The offer says something about how it’s limited to stock on hand…

We’ll give you free stuff later if you give us money now. I promise.
Nah, I don’t think so. Wyze doesn’t have the greatest reputation for promises like that. :slight_smile:

I would just do it anyway, but they say you can’t get a refund ordering this way, so it’s super risky…

  1. Order first at a higher normal price ($23.88/yr)
  2. Not possible to cancel and get a refund
  3. We’re saying it’s “limited stock and only stock on hand” so we can stop honoring the deal any time without telling you we were sold out.
  4. We won’t give you the cams immediately in the same purchase, we’ll decide if it qualifies and if it does we’ll send you a coupon to use later…otherwise we just won’t give you the coupon for free cams and you’re screwed and can’t cancel and get a refund, so you’re stuck with it without cams because you didn’t do it 100% right
  5. Our terms are slightly ambiguous on some things (like whether you can use other discount codes with this or whether that violates the validation).

And now, some people are saying they never got the email. Also, if I start over in a new browser, it’s acting weird trying to charge differently. So it’s a little concerning. I am so ready to do it if I can get some clarifications. I mean, it’s basically free. They finally figured out how to get me onto their subscription…make it basically free for a year :slight_smile:

I just wish it was straightforward instead of high risk with weird vague exceptions and no possible way to undo it if you get screwed.


Just clarified with support (who put me on hold to go ask the tech team to be sure).

He was told that using any redemption code is supposed to invalidate the offer. You must pay the full $23.88 for each in order to qualify (just make sure it is actually charging $23.88 for each or you probably won’t get your freebie codes! Also told me not to worry about the “limited stock” or “stock on hand stuff” as it would work still up through the expiration date of the promo.

I’ll still get some. The question now is, do I buy 1-3 (what I would actually use myself), or buy all 7 and then just sell the extra 4-5 V3’s on Facebook marketplace, ebay, etc to basically get an extra 4-5 cam plus subscriptions for free? Might even just get all 7 for myself and sell off my older V2’s…but I kind of like having some V2’s with legacy PD on them…hmm…rough choices.

Well this sucks! I just learned that if you chose the subscribe button that is on the same page and don’t use the learn more button you will not get the offer. This is pretty confusing for sure.

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The way they presented it is pretty bad, they should have just said buy V3 with Cam Plus and get 27% off, because that’s what it is.

They really should have had something for existing V3 owners/pre-orders and existing Cam+ customers to buy… e.g. Discount on a V3 attachment Pre-Order with a V3 Pre-Order number. Or add a year to an existing Cam+ sub for $10.99. etc…
Maybe next year Wyze?


Yeah, if you already ordered, talk to support, because I think they can cancel and refund it if you went through the wrong link, just can’t refund if you purchase the one that has the words (Black Friday) in parenthesis on the order screen. then you can redo it after the refund.

They have “While stock lasts” in print so the support guy’s assurances mean nothing.
I would not fall into this trap. They’ve put a lot of effort into showing ways they don’t have to honor the deal for a reason.

Possible, I’ve been down this road before with other companies and learned my lesson. I record my calls and their representative’s responses to me just in case.

You’d be amazed what a recorded phone call from someone officially representing the company can do. I asked point blank that if I ordered these now, I would guaranteed get the code for free V3’s and several other clarifications and he confirmed everything clearly for my purposes.

Now if it is not honored, it’s a PR nightmare. I had a similar situation once, and in a message board about complaints of deception and such, I mentioned I had the entire thing recorded and can prove such and such and file class actions, etc. I immediately got a call from the VP himself making deals to fix things in exchange for them having a copy and me signing an non-disclosure. I not only got what I was promised, but they settled and gave me a TON more so that it wouldn’t go public. Had a couple other similar situations. I learned my lesson good. I ask very clear, specific questions, get a clear answer, save the recording and then go through with it. If they try to screw me, I come out swinging hard and they hold up their promise…

Plus, from what I’ve seen, Wyze has always worked hard to be friendly with customers and be reasonable. They aren’t PERFECT, but I’ve been very impressed. I’m not worried, I got my clear assurances.

My dad’s a lawyer anyway, so I don’t even have to pay attorney fees for such filings if it comes to that. My lawyer’s free.