Cam Plus Email Promotions - Stackable?

So earlier today I got a “Special deal” for “one our most loyal friends!” for 3 months Cam Plus for $0.99 - Code included. Basically says hurry before it is withdrawn but no actual expiry…

Then this afternoon I got a “Thanks for being one of the earliest preorderers for Wyze Cam v3!” with a code for 3 months Cam Plus for FREE. No expiry shown…

I have a V3 and a V2. V2 used to be on CamPlus Annual Sub, that sub is moved to my V3 now and the V2 is on “Name your Price” for now, at least until I figure out where I’m putting it - though I may just get another V3 when I do that.

Anyway, I have a feeling that if I redeem these two codes I’ll end up with 3 Cam Plus Licenses, my annual, and two 3 months. Is that the case, is there a way to stack them? i.e. best case extend my annual sub for 6 months for $0.99… :slight_smile:
If not then any ideas on when they expire?

Also both emails say “For a limited time get Cam Plus for $14.99 for a whole year.” please tell me they aren’t going to get rid of that, We need more discounts for time period and number of cams, not less…

Wyze needs to get their promotions together. I got the same thing for a three-month cam Plus subscription. I figured what the hell. I turned it on and it said that in just 30 days I will have to renew my subscription. What the hell does that mean? First off, it said that I was getting 90 days. Not 30. Second, is it going to automatically renew?

UPDATE: I just received a credit for two additional months on my Wyze account. I suspect they’re going to automatically deduct that money as the next couple of months. It would be nice if they clearly identified how their promotions worked.

UPDATE: I just got a credit for two months of Cam Plus. I suspect they’re going to deduct that as each month goes by. It sure would be nice if they could explain their programs.