CAM Plus Subscription Redemption and Other Issues

Am I the only one having issues with redeeming 3-Months Free code and any changes to your subscription causes a cancellation to your subscription? I just tried to redeem the 3-Months Free promo and add it to an existing Monthly plan and instead of working, it cancelled all of my subscriptions (1 Monthly and 10 Annual). I got the prorated refunds, but now I have no active subscriptions. The code is still live/accepted, but it does not apply to a new Monthly or Annual plan. Basically, it’s like signing up for a plan without the 3 free months. I guess I will not be able to redeem this and will not bother in the future as it screws up the current subscription. Not worth the trouble.

In addition, making changes to plans in my account page causes the same refunding of subscriptions. This is very annoying as it removes it from the APP and you have to go back to add each camera to a plan again.

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Yikes. Thanks for mentioning it. I have one of those codes, but was going to wait to redeem it until after my video doorbell comes in. Now I’m a little scared to do it. Please update us with any resolutions. Perhaps a mod will forward this on to someone to look at, since it’s obviously an unintended bug. You could also report it to support (though they’ve been pretty backed up lately).

Last week I ordered two V3 cameras with Cam Plus and they now appear to have shipped. I received an email with the subject line “Here is your digital code for your Wyze Cam v3 Bundle” which displayed two different Redeem codes and buttons. I clicked the first button, and no problem was encountered in activating the first subscription. Then I clicked the second Redeem button and the website responded that the second code had already been used. Confusion ensued as I tried to figure out why one link worked and the second one didn’t work. While somewhat confused I added a subscription to the cart and checked out with PayPal, expecting to find the checkout process would include a Redemption Box where I could enter a code. I ended up paying for an additional subscription. Later in the day, I revisited the Services interface on the website, located a free standing Redemption Box page, entered the second of my two codes and Voila the code was accepted and the interface said it would apply it to the newly added paid account and issue a refund.

Maybe I klutzed something up in my initial attempt to apply the codes by clicking the Redeem button in the email. If you ordered cameras and later receive an email with the redemption codes then you might want to hunt down the redemption page in the Services interface and paste the codes there (as opposed to clicking the Redeem links in the email message). My possibly incorrect assumption is there was an issue with the second Redeem link in the email.