Cam3 Pro and 3 month Cam Plus promo

This seems like the only forum related to my question so here goes. A month or more ago I received an email inviting me to try the new
Cam 3 Pro and offering a free 3-month Cam+ subscription attached. The camera finally came last week and I set it up. I’ll save my review until I have had more time to figure it all out - the interface is different from the V3 (not Pro) and previous.

My question has to do with the 3 month sub. Has anyone else purchased the deal and received the 3 months of Cam+? Mine defaulted to the usual 2 weeks. I spent about 45 minutes in a chat with Wyze support night before last, sending them requested screen shots, forwarding purchase record, etc. - with no resolution. The agent said she would get it resolved and email me the solution. Nothing yet! I do realize a 3 month promo is a small thing to get upset about, but it also feels as if it should be a small thing to Wyze too. I’ve been a Wyze guy since their inception - so long ago I am cameras that aged out. So much for the good old days.