Free Cam Plus trial question

So, I just pre ordered the new Cam V3 which cam with a free three month Cam Plus trial. Is there a time limit on the free trial? I would like to use it when the V3 arrives if I can. Thanks.

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Did it come with the v3? Was this during Wyze week when you bought it? What does the fine print on the email say?

Only further info I can find is from Wyze week where a purchase of a v2 or pan got you a 3 month license.

Terms and conditions…

The terms don’t say that it has to be used in a v2 or pan, just that it comes with the v2 or pan. That’s how I read it. If you want official ruling I’d say contact support.


Sorry for the late response. Yes, I did get the free Cam Plus trial after preordering a Cam V3. There is no fine print in the email and no expiration date either. I will contact support about it. Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I chatted with a Wyze rep a few weeks ago and asked if I qualified for free 3 months, I had just ordered new Pan , he said I did and that I would receive a code via email on Nov 6th…I never received such code and have not received any replies to my questions via web site…Any suggestions or help here???