Does Pan Cam V3 come with a free Cam Plus trial?

I just bought and added a Pan Cam V3 to my account, and it does not include an automatic Cam Plus trial. Do I have to subscribe to Cam Plus (that will automatically bill me after the trial), if I want the Cam Plus trial on it?

My other cameras (V2, V3, Pan Cam V2) included a 14 day trial automatically without having to subscribe to Cam Plus. I did not need to subscribe to a full Cam Plus subscription to get the free trial period. It just started automatically, and ended after 14 days (unless I explicitly purchased and subscribed to a Cam Plus license before the trial ended).

I have not setup my OG cams yet - will they be the same as well, needing to subscribe to Cam Plus to get the 14 day free trial?

I THINK it asked me if I wanted the free trial when I set up my two Pan V3s - however I would have declined it and instead promptly added the new cameras to my CamPlus unlimited.
I don’t remember for sure…

During setup it asked if I wanted to signup for Cam Plus, which I said no to, but I don’t think it mentioned a free trial in that message. I also declined to signup.

All my other cameras did not do this, and just automatically activated a 14-day free trial.

I was expecting the same process as the other cameras, so it looks like they have change the free trial activation process.

No worries - just wondering if I missed something.

Did you buy the Pan v3 on the Wyze site? If so, there is a box to check or uncheck for a free 30 day trial.

Yes, I bought it from the Wyze site, and I could have added a Cam Plus subscription to the cart for $0 initially that starts with a 30-day free trial, which then automatically bills-through to a monthly subscription and charges you on day 15.

All my other (older) cameras for the past few years didn’t require you to sign up for a Cam Plus subscription at either purchase time or setup time, but just automatically included a 14-day (non-automatically renewing) free trial.

So the experience was different, and I was just expecting the same experience as with my other 11 cameras. Just wondering if the free trial behavior has changed since my last V3 purchase in December.

It looks like it just behaves differently than before - it is still available, and now it is 30-days, but you have to subscribe to Cam Plus separately, to get it the free trial, after which it automatically starts to bill after that. That is typical of how free trials normally work, but Wyze has done it differently up till now.

Thanks everyone!

Here is more info on what happens when the trial ends. You have to scroll down near the bottom and start reading around Feb 4, 2023.

Thanks for linking to that post.

Yep, that is what it does now.

I apologize for starting a new post, when that one explains it all.