Cam + trial starts before new camera arrives

Why start the cam plus trial before the new camera arrives? It shortens the trial by several days.

[Mod Edit] Moved out of the #wishlist as this is a call for assistance and not a new product or feature.

Welcome to the forums! Where did you get the Cam Plus Trial? with a camera purchase? Did you redeem a code?

I think this really might be a wish list item…start the subscription when the camera is placed into services rather than at purchase. Shipping delays can eat into the subscription time.

I ordered it when I placed the order for the camera.

I put it in the wish list but the mods moved it out because it is not a product wish, its a service item.

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It does not make sense to start the trial before the camera arrives. If you are looking for long Cam Plus free trials and can use v3 cameras, you might check out Home Depot. Each v3 comes with a 3-month Trial that starts when you setup the cameras.

Which camera? when and where did you place the order? How long was the trial you got with it? Just want to verify all this information as there are several variations and possibilities here. Want to make sure i have the correct info.

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I bought the Wyze cam 3 pan. I ordered it last Thursday and it came this morning USPS. AN OFFER FOR A FREE 30 day trial shows up in the cart automatically along with the camera. I ordered directly from Wyze. $5.95 shipping plus tax brought the total to around $42.00. Nice camera and kind of cool to see how it tracks movement.