Free V3 with Cam Plus Purchase

I’m considering taking advantage of the Black Friday offer to get a free v3 cam with the purchase of Cam Plus. My understanding is I could purchase three of these (it actually says up to 7). If I also purchase a Wyze Video Doorbell, could I transfer Cam Plus from one of my v3 cameras to the doorbell?

I bought this promotion on 11/29.
I haven’t received the code to redeem the camera until today and the most disappointing thing is that I sent an e-mail and didn’t get a direct answer, just a standard text asking if I fit in the promotion

Wyze Ticket 901846
Invoice 2022090


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Welcome to the Wyze community @rlwnkc!
You can move the subscription to your doorbell if you’d like. You don’t have to use it on the V3.

I havent received my coupon either what did u do to get yours? I also purchased 11/29

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They didn’t send me the coupon. Nothing! And they don’t answer email … I think I’m going to ask for PayPal’s intervention

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I didnt pay PayPal i paid just with my CC has anyone got the. COupon?

I think the web page said it could take up to a week to receive the coupon. I’m still waiting too, but it hasn’t been a week.

I didn’t understand … No means of payment doesn’t make a difference! The company is acting dishonestly. If you have anything you can do, do … Maybe a consumer protection agency?

It doesn’t make sense to take a week to release the code! The correct thing would have been to send the purchase immediately.

I just took advantage of this great offer plus placed an order for more Wyze stuff! Great prices and supportive company.
Thanks Wyze team!

Did you receive the code to redeem?

@Junior, @MsPurrfekt, @lindap57, @gilgomez1956 and anyone else who hasn’t received a code:
Please contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
If you have an existing ticket, please give that number to the support agent on the phone.
Post back with any questions!

I can’t call, I’m not in the USA.
Why not resolve by email or chat?
Why doesn’t a company representative go public to answer questions, if they don’t do it in private (I tried e-mail!)? It would be much more respectful to customers! And apparently it is not just this problem, I saw other customers commenting that they bought the product more than a month ago and did not receive it. In my case, I clearly put the ticket and the invoice number here, why not send me a reply directly? It is easier to ask the customer to waste time connected … Which is always possible, since the company is qualified to sell to all countries in the world.

That may be an issue if you are shipping your camera and live outside of the US.
Wyze services and products are only available in the United States. Product warranties will be invalidated for products shipped outside the US. If you use a shipping service to ship outside of the US, the shipping service is responsible for theft, damage or loss of the package.

That may be why there was a delay in sending you a code.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I live outside of US, but I am sending it to a friend who is in Claremont / Fl. This has nothing to do with the delay in sending the code! I did not receive any email from Wyze support, this is the problem, the lack of communication with the customer.

There was never a response to the open ticket! Can you please request that answer? I know that at that time there must have been a lot of sales, but it is terrible to be without information!

I apologize for the delay in response and will pole the team about your ticket. I apologize, I do not have access to the systems necessary for checking on all of this.

Tks, dear!