Black Friday Free V3 promo

I bought and installed my first camera (v2) and seen the Black Friday promo , clicked the link and purchased one year of cam plus ($23.88)
And then credited for shipping on my acct but HAVE NOT received ANY coupon codes for the price of the V3 as promised! Help😭


It would have been amazing if I could have bought a bunch direct from Wyze and the shipped to Canada

Me and many people did not receive the email with the code. I think the company will not honor the offer. I emailed support (via website) and there was no response.

Same problem, I never received the promo code! Riot?

I don’t think anyone received … I’m worried!

I just received mine 5 minutes ago.

They said check your spam. I reached out on twitter and they responded within 10 minutes.

Oh, how I wish it were in the spam … But nothing :pensive:. I also sent a message on Twitter, I was asked to wait seven days. Absurd, I honestly think that the company is acting at least incorrectly with the customer.

Nothing here either

I did not receive one either. Decided to hit up the support chat and they were able to retrieve the coupon code and give it to me there.