Free v3 camera coupon not working?

I’ve been waiting patiently to be able to order one of the V3 cams with the coupon for backing the vacuum (which has major problems) and when I try to order the V3 cam it tells me the coupon doesn’t exist??? I’ve already bought one V3 before and also have the cam plus annual membership, I’ve bought 4 of your cameras as well, What more do you guys want??

There was an email sent out that Wyze will be direct shipping them and no need to place an order. Coupons were deactivated because of this.

Never received such email. When will the cams be sent out?

Didn’t receice it

Here’s a copy of the email:

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Thanks for providing this email.

However, their shipping these out until the end of February?!

Wish I at least had a fully functional vacuum because this is a joke.