Bonus v3 cam

When is the bonus V3 cam that was promised for early backers of the robot vacuum being shipped??

You should receive a confirmation email with information on your reward by the end of February.
More information is available here:

Wyze Robot Vacuum v3 Reward

Thanks for the reply, But when in February exactly because were already on the end of February. Next Monday is March?

I got an email last Thursday (February 18th)from wyze saying they were shipping the v3 reward on the following Monday. However still no shipping notice or other notification as far that I have seen. It may of shipped without notification but not sure if that is the case or not.

I think they mistakenly sent me a Doorbell instead of a V3 camera for my vacuum-backer reward. Just received late last week.

I am not positive but I do not think the rewards have shipped yet. Did you order a doorbell or were you maybe a beta tester of the doorbell

Getting tired of being in the dark on my reward as well. I understand there are chip shortages, weather delays, COVID-19 delays, etc. but at least update our accounts with the camera order in “pending” status. Nothing worse than getting an e-mail promising orders are being shipped then wondering if there is a problem with my reward when looking at my empty account.

I’ll admit complaining about a free item is pretty childish but it is still disappointing to know they are selling all available cameras the “Cam Plus Subscribers” before honoring the pre-order rewards.

My Wyze Vacuum was my first Wyze purchase. The vacuum has been great, but so far the overall “Wyze” experience has been off-putting due to subscription only features, shipping delays, unclear order updates, etc.

/rant over

I wish I could say the vacuum at least was great. If there’s anything in its way it gets completely off track and the map gets messed up, then it stops cleaning the area correctly and a year later, after traveling to Africa it makes it back to its charger (surprisingly).
On other issues I can’t even pinpoint why they happen, like not cleaning certain areas at all.

Ive bought several of their cameras, the v3 seems to be good, Their V2 suck, they have issues with memory cards, or stops detecting people ever so often with their “cam plus” membership their trying to sell like crazy.

Getting support for Wyze products is a joke. Ive yet to see a clear phone number to reach them. And I’ve really wanted to like this company.

If you haven’t already, download the beta version of the app:

It gives you an insane amount of control over mapping, resetting maps, creating rooms, etc.

I’ve had a few robot vacuums from cheap no-name knock-offs to the fanciest Samsung vac and the Wyze vacuum has been the best in this price range… WITH the beta app.

That being said, we mostly use ours to clean specific rooms on demand and our house is “simple” with an open floor plan, few obstacles and hardwood floors.

Funny how they can have these cameras on the shelves at micro centers and back to selling them online but we still haven’t got what we was promised for backing the Wyze robot vacuums. I understood when they stopped selling because of a chip shortage but can’t be that bad of they are shopping then to retail locations. Why would you make the people that support and buy your product have to wait for what you promised?? I have purchased all the pre order items including the good and bad ones. I feel like most of the products have been great especially the cameras but have had a lot of issue with the thermostat hoping an update would be released and the remote sensor. But nothing. No update no remote sensor. I have since had to remove the thermostat. Doorbell has been great but definitely need some improvement starting with motion zones and a way for selective notifications. My robot vacuums has been working flawless. Wyze don’t forget about us. The ones that helped make you who you are Since a friend recommended your camera to me I have worked hard spreading the word and got at least 15 people to buy your products. Please send out cameras for backing your product as you promised.

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Still waiting for my reward as well. They sent an email that they would process them last week, send everything online says February, but I’ve gotten nothing…