Robot Vacuum Backer Award

Has anyone gotten their v3 camera if you selected it for being a robot vac backer? I got an email a few weeks back that they’re starting to ship, but haven’t gotten any notices since then.


Nope. I keep checking every day on this forum to see if there’s any updates. I was hoping the weekly report from Jimmy would give an indication. Nope. Nada.

Check out this topics for updates @zpayne10

Nope. Still waiting. Tic Toc

I got a email saying mine has shipped.

I received an email as well. Supposed to be here by the 9th.

Funny, I also received an email. Says it’ll be here tomorrow…we shall see…

Has everyone received their gift and/or tracking email yet?

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I’ve had my reward for some time now. I chose a V3 camera, so had to wait for them to be in stock.


I received my Vacuum on Jan 8 and received my gift on Jan 24… because I chose a gift that was in stock.

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My daughter chose a black Cam for her award and as of 4/15/21 she has not received it

wyze, please help … of course i knew it would probably be jan 2021 to recv the backer reward cam3. it will be june 1st tomorrow and still no camera. but all this time i have seen notices that the cam3 was available if you ordered cam plus monitoring too…??? and all the rewards have been shipped . NOT !!! i have contacted you several times only to be asked for ordering info every time. shouldnt you have that info??? Good news - your order 009008190 is on its way! It should arrive within 4-10 business days tracking last update = * APR 4 In Transit, Arriving Late… i continue to hearoh, i see it i dont know what happened. im sorry we will get that to you right away NOT. i still want my camera but i will not order from you again. i own several cameras and 2 robot vacs but you are not an honest trustworthy company. one error i could live with but this same order has been almost 6 months worth of you trying to send it. apparently a lot of other people are waiting for their reward too…

wyze, no reply?? i have seen you answer other posts.

This is a form run primarily by volunteers, not Wyze employees. If you have one, you can post your support ticket number here where moderators can send it to Wyze. If you would like, you could call Wyze support where you will be able to talk to Wyze employees about your problem.


thank you i will try to call before i post again

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