Wyze vacuum promotion

@WyzeGwendolyn I’m reaching out to you cause I was a BIG fan when you were the YouTube Wyze tutorial master. I preorder the Wyze Vacuum and noticed that Wyze tweeted that if a sales goal was reached all backers will receive a V3 cam. I’ve been going back and forth through email for months to see where is my camera. Initially I was given a promo code that did not work. Later I was told not to worry about the code and I should received the camera soon. That was in January
and I am still waiting. Can you please help me?


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Following. Same here.

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Good luck. I have multiple emails and posts on this issue.
I dont think we are getting a free camv3

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I’ve blindly backed 99.9% of their products. It will be a great disappointment if they don’t follow through.

Sorry to hear you’re dealing with this. I got my free V3 cam awhile ago. I’m thinking around Christmas time if i remember correctly. I hope you all get yours soon.

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Same here, got my v3 camera a while back.

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l also have never received my Wyze Cam 3 either. It kinda pisses me off that 3 different times they have gotten in new batches of the Cam 3 and just sold them off without taking care of the people that were promised Cam3’s for having faith in their vacuum before it had been seen or tested. I have been told that the Cam3 would be sent out to me but it has not been done. When I tried to send them an email with my case number all I get is that the case number I gave them has already been closed. They are not the easiest people to get in contact with and I feel like I have been blown off by support. I had even purchased a Cam 3 at full cost so that I would have 2 of them, but even that did not make them send me the free one that they promised. At this point I have just stopped buying their toys because they do not keep their promises.

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Cant say what happened to you, but I got in on the vacuum preorder and I successfully got my free Wyze Cam v3.

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I just got off of the phone with the Wyze Wizard team member and they are now shipping my free Wyze Cam3 today. They did not know what happened but they did take care of it.

Thank You to the member above who provided a phone number to contact them from.

Now I wait.

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Hi. What phone number did you call?

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I received my extra v3 cam. Took me some time and I had to contact them twice to follow up on it, but everything ended up ok.

My suggestion is to send them an email and they will figure it out the problem. They had a very big number of orders and probably got a little bit lost with Covid but I can say they will the best to deliver those extra perks to you!

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The number that I called was (206) 339-9646


Do you really have a thousand wise products? To have backed 99.9%, I think that would be necessary.

Sorry, I don’t have 1000. I have 999.

In the same boat as you all. The latest update I saw wrote I should have received and email in Feb. Still waiting, no response by email other than “checking into it”.

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I received my v3 about a week or so ago. It should show in your recent orders. If not I’d open a ticket

I have contacted them multiple times.
Just 20 days ago i emailed with some guy named elycon. I got the same standard bull$hit answers they always give so i got a little irritated and told him straight out. This is the same bull$hit line you feed everyone that asks about status. Can you confirm when my order will ship or not? He told me they were currently processing and shipping my order.

Guess what? Still no email confirmation or camera. LOL

Im done with wyze. If you are an early backer they treat you like $hit.
If they could not afford to ship cams out under the early backer program they never should have offered the camera to begin with. its just that simple.

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I looked at my emails this morning and after talking to them on 4/3/2021, today they shipped my CAM3. I was feeling like I had been ripped off again myself, but after repeated calls they finally shipped the damned thing.
They really do have to get better on their customer care skills is all I have to say on this subject. Poor customer care can destroy a company. Even if they do make some interesting products.
I hope that they live and learn from that debackle.


After 5 months, I finally got an email that my camera was shipped. Although I appreciate the promo gift I wish it I didn’t have to go through all this trouble to get it.

Still no camera…