Cam 3 Coupon

So I just received an email about a brand new product for pre-order, which is the Wyze handheld car vacuum. That’s great at all, but how about we first concentrate on making enough of the other products that you already have in production like the Wyze Cam 3, which I have a coupon for that I cannot even use because it’s not available. Sounds like maybe too much of a good thing might be the downfall for this company.

I got 2 robot vacuums and I only received 1 so far and I also only received 1 coupon for only 1 V3 Camera which I thought since I backed Wyze for 2 robot vacuums id get 2 free V3 cameras but like you I got only 1 coupon and cant even use it because the item is out of stock.

The Wyze Cam V3 will be available to order when it officially launches. This should be after all pre-orders ship, but no date has been announced yet.

Have you gotten an order and shipping confirmation for both vacuums?
You should be able to login here and view the status of your orders.

I believe the backer gifts were per backer, not units purchased.

Wyze has official jumped the shark with all of these WISH products they’ve decided to “upgrade”, repackage, and use their success with the WyzeCam to sell them to you. I literally just saw an ad for Wyze security monitoring services. WTF? THE ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL WAS FOUNDED ON AN AFFORDABLE SECURITY CAMERA THAT DIDN’T HAVE MONITORING FEES!!!

Stick with being the BEST at making a few related products Wyze.

The original v1 and v2 were not security cameras, they were cameras people decided to use as security and still can

I agree with you on that. I just looked at the email with the code and it expires at the end of next month hope we can order it before it expires.

Let’s split hairs. You get the point.