Can't apply Cam Plus bought separately to DoorBell

I bought Annual Cam Plus with free v3 Promo. The v3 is still in the box not yet activated because I intend to give it as a gift. I just received my DoorBell and I want to apply my purchased Cam Plus to the DoorBell not the V3. There is no option in the app to do that because my Cam Plus Purchase doesn’t show up in the app. Has anyone else had that problem and/or know what to do?

Have you received a code in an email from Wyze? It would’ve been emailed to the account used to purchase the V3. Have you tried checking for the Cam Plus subscription at Remember that the subscription is linked to the email and account used to purchase the V3.
It’s also possible there’s a promo code in the V3 bot, you may want to check there.

I received an email dated Dec. 10, 2020 that said:
“…here’s your code for your Free Wyze Cam v3…”
It didn’t say the code was for the Cam Plus. It said it was for the free v3 which I still have in an unopened box because I am saving that v3 to give as a gift. Why do I have to open that box in order to apply my Cam Plus purchase to my Wyze Doorbell?
Why doesn’t my Doorbell show up in the Wyze app as a choice to assign my Cam Plus One Year Subscription? Even though my Wyze Doorbell is working every day and shows up on all other pages of my Wyze app? This is so frustrating, especially when my short “free trial Cam Plus” that came with the Doorbell is about to run out and here I have a fully paid Cam Plus annual subscription and can’t apply it to the Doorbell!
I don’t understand this!

You can’t add the paid for camplus license because the trial is already on the camera it sounds like. Remove the trial at anytime (I prefer to remove it manually rather than let it expire) then it will show up in your camplus list, then add the paid license into it.

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I tried to follow your suggestion but found no way to remove the trial subscription from the Doorbell known as “Front Door.”
So I gave up on gifting the free v3 and cut the seal on the box. There was nothing in the box about my purchased Cam Plus Subscription. So I decided to keep the v3, put a new card 32GB and set it up so maybe I could transfer the Cam Plus sub. then to my Doorbell. So guess what? - I can’t get past the flashing red light. I keep pressing the SetUp button and nothing happens!
So I put that new problem aside and purchase ANOTHER Cam Plus subscription and pay for a full year, and now the Wyze app tells me I have 2 available Annual Cam Plus Licenses but when I hit the Available Licenses button it only shows my Front Yard v3 and NOT my Front Door (Doorbell) as an assignable device.
So now I have two (2) Annual Cam Plus licenses and can find no way to assign either one to my Doorbell, and I have the so-called “free” v3 out of the box and I can’t set it up.
If it makes any difference, I have been dealing with electronics for 36 years and virtually my whole house is covered with working home automation devices set up by me, so I don’t think of myself as a klutz when it comes to this stuff.
Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

When you are in app, click on Account, then Services. What are the different line items or services you see listed?

See attached:

…and when I click on the Cam Plus Annual line, the next page shows only this.
See Attached:

No Front Door fka Wyze Doorbell

I just found a page online on my Wyze account called “Redeem a Code”
Should I try putting in the code I got with that December email?
The email says the code was for the free V3 (which won’t set up I now learned) not the Cam Plus but I will try it and see what happens.
Just did - it says “This coupon is not redeemable.” which makes sense.

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Can you post a screenshot of your active subscriptions camplus page?

Can you give me the route to the page you mean? (…/…/…)

No problem, you actually posted a picture of it.

Click the “camplus” under active subscriptions. What do you see there? Is 'front door" listed anywhere?

Yes, It says “Front Door - Free Trial until April 6, 2021”
Then a green button which says “Subscribe Now”

My new V3 just yelled Ready to Connect" LOL!

Click “edit”, then I click the checkbox next to front door. Or you can wait until tomorrow for the trial to expire, then wait another day for the system to catch up and release the camera or just remove the trial now, then add one if the “available” subscriptions to the camera now.

On what page. On the Available Devices page I now have Front Yard and UNDECIDED but not Front Door.

UNDECIDED is the temp quick name I gave the newly unboxed v3 when it interrupted our conversation to ask to be connected.
(Incidentally I am running off an Eero Mesh system so I don’t think connectivity is the problem.)

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On the page that shows this:

The avaiable subscriptions page displays cameras that are waiting for a subscription to be added if you have avaiables. The active subscriptions page is where camera s are listed that have licenses (trial, paid) applied to them already.

Go to the active subscriptions page, click edit, then uncheck the front door. Exit back a page then go to avaiable subscriptions page and check the box next to front door. Now you should have the paid license on the front door doorbell.

There is no checkbox to unclick alongside “Front Door”

Can you post a screen shot of the active subscriptions page that says front door?