Doorbell Including w/1 Year Cam Plus sold at Home Depot - Not able to redeem Cam Plus

Hi All - First time poster but long time fan and user of Wyze cams and sensors.

I bought 2 Wyze Doorbells at Home Depot including 1 year of Cam Plus. The 1 year of Cam Plus was advertised as “includes 1-year of Cam Plus” right there on the front of the box. To redeem the Cam Plus subscriptions the Doorbell box includes a card with a coupon code inside. When I went to redeem the coupon code, The first code worked but then the subscription automatically cancelled for unknown reasons. The second code would not redeem.

After reaching out to customer support they told me my first code was already redeemed (duh) and the second code can’t be redeemed because the Home Depot promotion is limited to 1 code per Wyze account (??!?!?). No where on or in the box did it mention limited to 1 coupon code per account.

Now I’m left with no Cam Plus subscriptions for my Doorbells as advertised on the Doorbell box.

Has anyone run into this issue after purchasing the Wyze Doorbell at Home Depot? Any suggestions or help from a Wyze team member would be appreciated.


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did they give any insight as to why the first subscription stopped? by chance was it the trial period that stopped and now you have to move the actual subscription to that cam?

and as to the “only one per account” with the coupons. I agree, this should have been made FAR more apparent on the packaging even is it was only a small star note as opposed to nothing at all. to my knowledge the only place this was mentioned was on the cam plus FAQ page .

hopefully as this has been brought to the attention of Wyze this is something they will take into account next time there is a promotion like this. about the only good thing to come of this situation ( if you try to bend it into something good) would be that the yearly subscription is ONLY 15 dollars. when compared to others that could be looked at in a favorable light.


Appreciate the response and info. :pray:

“did they give any insight as to why the first subscription stopped? by chance was it the trial period that stopped and now you have to move the actual subscription to that cam?”

Unfortunately they didn’t give me insight into what went wrong. I waited for the trial period to end before trying to add the 1 yr Cam Plus subscription and coupon code. Unfortunately there are no Cam Plus subscriptions on my account available to apply to a camera so something definitely went wrong.

Are Wyze customer service reps active in these forums?

Bwah ha ha ha…

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Keep in mind this forum is primarily a user to user community. Wyze Support does not monitor this forum. If you need help or have a question about a product, you can call Customer Service or use email on the support pages.

Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. (Excluding Holidays & Emergencies)

Speak with a Live Support Wizard: 1 (206) 339-9646 or 1 (844) 999-3226


Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT


Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT


Everyone, thank you for your inputs. Had the same problem in Raleigh, NC. Could only activate one code, however, I did get a credit of $8.89 on my account for the second code input. I agree that there is important information missing about only one Code can be activated. On the good side of this I did get the telephone numbers to Live Support Wizards.

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