WARNING - Home Depot CamPlus codes

WARNING - I bought two of the video doorbells at HD. I was tired of waiting for WYZE to make them available (still not available). I like that they included the CamPlus. Today my free trial of CamPlus ran out so I went to redeem the included CamPlus codes.

DISCLAIMER - you are only allowed one. No where on the outside or inside of the box does it disclose that information. I only found it searching the FAQ after I discovered the code was being denied. I guess I will just move one of my existing CamPlus licenses from my V3’s to the other doorbell.


Thanks for the info. As indicated, there is nothing on the box or the inside which says otherwise.

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This is terrible - I just re-read an older thread and the doorbell bundle is ONE YEAR of CamPlus that you can’t use on your second device? No way, man. Not right.

I thought it was only a $2-$4 trial value you lost, but a whole year?

Yea, it isn’t what was expected. But I do have my CamPlus for the Doorbell for the remainder of the year (9 months worth) and a credit for that amount on my account. I am assuming that when I renew, it will be zero’d out.

Yep - hence the butt hurt. Would have been on me if it was posted somewhere on the box but as far as I can tell it is NOT. This is just bad business in my mind.

So it is not crediting your account for the additional camplus as they did when ordered from Wyze?

I ordered 3 V3’s with CAM PLUS and code turned on only ONE but put credit in account for other 2

@agrooms I bought 2 doorbell cams from the HD as well. I was able to use both cam plus codes. There was no problem at all. Sorry to hear about the issue your having.

Are they on the same account?

No - these are a little different. These are small paper cards (like a business card) with a magic code. You have to “redeem” them.

Yes same account. Yes lil cards that came with them.

This is an excerpt of the FAQ.


Once it credits to your account you go add another cam plus subscription and it takes the money from your credit. I used both and still have credit left

that is how it worked for me too…

This is what I get when I try and add it.


When selecting the middle option. If I select the top one, it says its going to delete my existing subscription and replace it with a new one, so I chickened out on that one.

This is what I get if I select the top choice.


yeah, this is totally messed up. Here is a chat I just had with support and the resulting suggestion that I can add it to a second account, why would I want to have a second account? they include a year of cam plus as long as I don’t want to use it on the same account.

Was you customer service rep named “Ben Dover” cause that’s what they just did. No external indicators that only one per account on the box.