Credit balance

On several of my discounted orders it seems I end up paying full price and get a “credit” I now have two “credits” but never see them come back to me, not do I have in store credit to apply to new products or services. Is this because I used PayPal? How do I use my “credit” balance? See below

I have a credit on mine as well. I have an 11.25 credit. In my case, they added it to my Year subscription which started in December. There is 9 months of my subscription left, which totals the 11.25. So I think the credit is only there to cover the remaining year of my CamPlus.

So next December when I renew, it will be all of my camera’s and doorbell as a new year of service.

Well I got to use some of my credit. I bought two WYZE video doorbells at Home Depot (got tired of waiting for WYZE to make them available). After 14 days my trial version of CamPlus ran out. I pulled out my one year of CamPlus codes that were included with the doorbells. I used the first, no problem. Tried the 2nd and it refused. Used the search function and found an FAQ that states only one HD code per account. NO WHERE does it say that inside or outside the box. With no local storage on the doorbell CamPlus is pretty much required. I angrily requested another license. Happily, it used my credits to purchase the license. I am still butt hurt over not being able to redeem the code I paid for but at least the purchased license used my credits. Sorry for the LONG explanation.

Trust me, not an issue. I too am in the same boat, was trying to figure out the credit, I reasoned out my way. I will purchase more licenses later in the year.

You shouldn’t have to ‘figure it out’.
Wyze processes need to be clear and concise.
I, too, am bumfuzzled by a credit that I have no clue how to redeem.
It doesn’t show up when I try to order something, either online thru or via the wyze app ‘shop’ feature.