Wyze Cam Plus annual license purchase

If I buy an annual license now can I activate it in February for a year or does it activate immediately?

They activate immediately…very stupid.


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sad. oh well.

do we get any credit back on our current annual license??? :smile:

Generally not. The official policy is that there are no refunds, including prorated credits.

However, sometimes there have been rare exceptions, including recently for some people who upgraded to Cam Plus Unlimited around Wyze Week. But officially, the policy is no refunds including prorated refunds.


Thanks. I do not renew annually until February so will wait…

… unless perhaps I get on the Black Friday annual lineup…for renewal … … hmmm…

Yeah, Black Friday was how they got me to start with my first cam plus license/trial. I’d always denied them and refused them. Then one Black Friday they gave a free V3 camera for every cam plus license you got, up to 5 max. That was an awesome deal! Basically, you could just buy it, then resell the V3 Cam for nearly full price, and I ended up getting PAID to try Cam Plus. I couldn’t say no to getting paid to get Cam Plus for a year. But it worked out pretty well for them. I really liked it, and as soon as Cam Plus Unlimited came out, I bought it the first day it launched and have kept CPUnlimited ever since.


I had been a cam plus unlimited customer since the day it was first offered. Now I have been dropped from all subscriptions as of sometimes this afternoon. I attempted to send an email through the help option and the form is such a mess that it is not usable. I tried all the drop-down options just to send an email requesting to give them my money for a service that had deteriorated to near uselessness and I couldn’t do it. That is pretty bad when a customer who has been loyal to this brand since the first camera and I can’t even reach them to restore a service that should never have been disconnected. When I think back to the simple and straight forward cam one when it came with free service for life it makes me sad to see where things have become all around awful. My enthusiasm is starting to turn toward bitterness and resentment. I would give anything to go back to a $20 camera with free service that is consistently reliable, good quality, and mounts any direction with a magnet that is included but also had a standard size to attach to every tripod on the market… Ah, the good old days ( not the wannabe glimpse of the good old days that the og cam is pretending to be.) All of the v’s, the pans, the accessories, the services, the things that aren’t even camera are all distracting us from what was simple and good and drew me to support this company in the first place. I have to wonder why I have worked so hard to continue when I look at the list of issues this forum is willing to tolerate and help find solutions for without obvious resolutions anywhere. No glowing reviews in such a long time it is difficult to imagine wyse finding their way along this path they were once credited for blazing.

Ok, so now I can restart CPUnlimited for $12.99 per month when my service was $7.99 on November 19. Now disconnected without my knowledge or consent and on November 20 my magical new price a full $5 more per month is a available. Wow! That’s has the appearance of an underhanded effort to make more money on the same service that the company has already found me to be loyal to. It does kinda hurt my heart to know that I’m as valuable as I am willing to keep throwing money the wyze way down the drain. This might just be the time when I feel like I am making a mistake and am being supportive of a cause that no longer deserves my enthusiasm, loyalty, and positive brand marketing to friends and family. I wouldn’t want anyone I know to be stuck with these issues for a product I recommend. It’s embarrassing! I will keep this thread updated if I find a resolution to restore my service at the original price I felt was a fair cost for a reasonable service. It is not likely I will continue at all if no customer service person is able to correspond to help find a solution and explanation soon. So sad and frustrated :disappointed:

@jennifer.cordova709 please forward to mvanswol@wyze.com any order#s or invoices you’ve got related to this. The entire point of Cam Plus Unlimited is to make having multiple cameras on Cam Plus extremely affordable and easy, so I’m sorry you’ve experience neither of those.

Send what you have and I’ll see what I can do. There’s zero chance I’ll let you continue paying $12.99/mo for Cam Plus Unlimited, that’s too much.


My son has 4 individual annual licenses just renewed to 11/2024. I gave him 2 vdbv.1’s and told him I would pay for an unlimited annual license. It would be another 11/2024 license. Should he just get 2 more individuals until next renewal? None of the dialogue is promising for any kind of credit on the existing individuals.

I have sent an email. It turns out there is more to the story (as usual). Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate the help wherever I can get it. I won’t post here the details of my issue but I can say that being able to get advice and recommendations here has helped to restore my faith in these products. It isn’t just robots running things without care for the individual customers as it may seem on occasion. Honestly, just venting probably helped on its own. Anyway, thank you for this, it’s very much appreciated.

Also off this topic but more good news, my v3 kicked back on out of the blue yesterday and seems to almost be good as new. Time will tell, but my patience/laziness (which rarely shows up) paid off on this one, no new unit required!

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