Cam Plus and Doorbell deal

I bought CamPlus for a year and received a free door bell. Unfortunately, I used an email address that was unregistered. I have a Wyze account under a different address with 4 cams and 4 active CamPlus subscriptions. I assumed, incorrectly, that Wyze would have a similar subscription system as most other virtual services. They would issue me a code that I could apply to the existing account. I spent an hour with a Wyze tech who was unable to help me switch the years subscription over to my existing account. In fact, I can’t even create a new account with the subscription activated. Something about waiting too long? Any ideas?

Do you mean that you don’t have access to the email address that you used to purchase it? Did you use a temporary/throw away email address then? Is that what you mean by it’s unregistered?

I asked am employee about this on Discord last week and they told me they think it automatically creates an account under the email address it’s ordered on and the cam plus license is applied there.

Are you not able to set up an account with the email address you used to buy it? If that’s not an option and Customer support says they can’t move it for you, I don’t think there are any other options. :frowning: I mean, I guess in theory you could return the order within 30 days using their return policy, but the doorbell was still only $20 and that’s still a crazy good deal, even without cam plus, so I’d probably keep it or sell it instead.

Anyway, sorry to hear about this, that is a downer to lose the Cam Plus license due to using an unregistered email account.

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I still have the email address. I do not want a second Wyze account. That would be silly to have two accounts. As stated, I assumed, incorrectly, that Wyze was wise enough to issue a code, like every other service, so I could apply said code it to my existing account. Not really that difficult. I find most of their ways of doing things rather Draconian.