Adding Cam Plus to my Wyze Video Doorbell

Oh my gosh, great products but a LOUSY website!! All I want to do is add Cam Plus to my Video Doorbell. My 14 day free expires tomorrow. Your terrible website will not let me do this. Please help. Ron K

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried in app, clicking “account” in the lower right then clicking on “services”? That is where you can assign licenses to cameras.

The website is a user to user community which is a great resource for help. If you wished to contact the official Wyze Support, here is the link…


Do you have an existing CamPlus license you would like to use or purchase a CamPlus License?

Can I assume you went here to purchase a Cam Plus License? Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

What are you seeing?

The site will not let me apply the license to my doorbell
Ron zk

If I understand correctly, sorry if I missed something. But I have had similar issues when trying to assign a license. I am under the impression you have an available license then, if true here is what you can do:

  • Go to the Account Menu Option in the app
  • Tap on the Cam Plus square Top Right
  • Tap on the Camera you need to move / Assign the License for
  • Tap the Unassigned Selection
  • Go to the License section for Cam Plus
  • Select an Unassigned option and select the camera there.

It should be assigned at that point

This is the initial screen to get to Cam Plus

Select the Camera you want to assign a license to and then unassign it first. NOTE: Orange is what you select for removing Cam Plus from a device, Blue is what you select when Assigning.

Once Unassigned, go to your permanent license and select an Unassigned available License, tap on it and then select the camera to assign Shown Below. Then Assign a License as indicated with the Blue Arrow above.

Thanks for the reply. However the unassigned stay’s dimmed, I can’t select it (there is a checkmark) It wont let me move that to the doorbell


Are you using iOS or Android?

You need to first remove the camera from the Cam Plus trial License. The Unassigned is light grey, simply tap on it and the check mark will move to Unassigned. Then Tap on the screen above the box and the popup window will close and the doorbell will be unassigned. Then Tap on the “Free License - Select Device” and it will display the popup again with a list of camera’s. The doorbell should be available now. Tap on the doorbell and then once again tap off of the popup for it to get assigned.

There is no save or done buttons, a bit comfusing.

I’m using Android

Ok, then the steps I provided should work. I know the unassigned seems greyed out, but it isn’t. if you tap on it, the check mark should move to it and unassign the doorbell camera. then simply click above the box, that will save the change.

Then go and assign an available non-trial license to it the same way.

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I got another email from Wyze that my 14 day trial is over. It appears that when I followed the directions on THIS email I WAS able to add the doorbell. Wanted to thank you for time and help!!!

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It was my pleasure.

Yea, I still get emails about Cam Plus. I just ignore it. :).