Wyze doorbell not showing as assignable on my open cam plus license

I installed my Wyze camera and waited for parts for my Wyze doorbell.
In the mean time I bought 2 licenses for cam plus wanting to assign my 2nd license to my doorbell .
However it is not showing as an assignable device when I try to do it.

How do I assign my doorbell to my 2nd license on cam plus?

Thank you

@madzell, welcome to the User Community Forum!

When you installed the doorbell, did it start you on the free 14 day trial that comes with all new cams?

You cannot assign a cam to any license if it is already assigned to another license (Trial or CamPlus Lite). It must first be unassigned from the existing trial or CPL license before it can be assigned to a CamPlus License.

Also, is this doorbell shared with anyone? Assigning CamPlus to shared resources is also problematic.

When you are in the Accounts>Services tab, do you see that there is 1 CamPlus license available and unassigned? Are there any licenses with cams assigned in any of the other license categories?

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Yes sir that explains it. I didn’t mean to start the 14 day trial. But fat fingers little screen lol. Thansks

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Understand. There have been multiple instances of the Trial Licenses prohibiting users from assigning cams to other purchased licenses.

I haven’t had a trial license for a while, so I’m not sure if it can be unassigned or cancelled so you can move that cam over to your purchased license.

In any case, you will still get all the same CamPlus features. Just remember to assign it to the purchased license once the trial expires.

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Fyi trial ended yesterday…was assignable as you said. Thank you

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