Cam Plus on video doorbell pro

Hi all,

I’ve got 4 v3 cams all set up with cam plus, no problem there.
I just finished installing 2 video doorbell pros, and they show to be on free trial. I added the appropriate number of licenses to my cam plus. However, it won’t let me assign them. When i tap on an unassigned license, only “unassigned” shows up.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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You will not be able to see any cams to assign, including the doorbells, if they are assigned to any other license. Because the doorbells are assigned to the trial licenses, they won’t show as available.

You must first unassign them from their existing trial licenses before they can appear to be assigned to your paid CamPlus license.

I haven’t had a trial in a long bit, so I’m not sure if the trial license shows in your Account Services tabs. If it does, you can unassign it and then reassign to the paid license. If not, wait for the trial to expire and then switch them over.


It’s not showing any option to unassign the doorbells from the trial, which i did not have to do with the v3 cams–those, I assigned right off the bat.
Maybe I just have to wait until the trial expires in 2 weeks for these, though that doesn’t really explain why I could assign the v3 cams straight from free trial with most of their time remaining…

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The trials have been changing a bit recently. Some have not been able to opt out, some are forced into a pro trial. It is certainly something that Wyze has done to make it more difficult to say no. Forced marketing if you will.

The last option would be to delete the VDB from the app and install again, but decline any trial and assign to CP asap.

But, if it’s on CP already, it won’t really hurt anything to wait out the trial

No worries, I’ll just wait out the trial and go from there. Thanks :slight_smile:

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