New Cam Plus subscription. Cannot add device while trial still going?

I received one Cam Plus license when I signed up for the home monitoring system. My app now shows I have a new license to assign out. I click the down arrow and it brings up a panel that says Available Devices. It has one listing which shows a picture of a camera and is labeled Unassigned. It has a green arrow. This panel seems to be grayed out and is not responsive to taps anywhere inside it. My four devices - (3) V3 cams and a doorbell are listed at the top of this screen showing the days left for each device’s free trial period.

Do I have to wait until the free trial ends to assign a device?

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Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll just have to wait 11 days then!

You could remove the trial and add the annual subscription to that camera. Unless you want to let the trial live out.

Yeah, I might as well do that since the year countdown for my 1 Cam Plus subscription has already started.

I don’t see how to remove the free trial, though. You can’t tap anywhere in the Free Trial section on the Services screen.

You poke the check mark :white_check_mark: button on services bro :sunglasses:

Firstly a correction. I realized later I had put green arrow, and of course I meant green check mark.

Secondly, yes I tried tapping the green arrow, but nothing happens. As I said, the whole panel is grayed out. I’m assuming once you have devices available to assign the license to that they will all be listed in that panel. Currently mine just has “Available device” along with a generic picture of a camera with nothing selectable.

Can you post screen shots of your different camplus service pages? Especially that trial screen.

Did you tap anything else other than the green check mark? To assign the service to another cam, or unassigned?

Once Select Device is up, I cannot click anywhere on the screen. I have to then back out of it to the main Services screen.

Here they are. 1. The main Services screen showing the devices still under free trial. 2. The Select Device pop up panel.

Remove one from the free trial and add it to the annual plan :upside_down_face: you’ve got this bro !

And is it 1 cam plus license on the annual plan ?

I had to do a factory reset on my camera last month and this happened to me as well. I could not remove the free trial for the entire 14 day trial. Once it ended I was able to readd my Cam Plus subscription.

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If you do this (remove a free trial from a device) on the free trial page, then I can’t. Nothing happens when I tap anywhere on that screen. I can only bring up the add device panel (which also does nothing) or back out of it altogether.

Yes, it’s a yearly Cam Plus license, which came with my home security package.

Did doing a factory reset give you another free trial?

Yes, it did in fact give me a 14 day trial.

Wonder if that’s intentional. Sounds like you could do a factory reset every 14 days and keep it going. Although that might get tiresome after a while.


Ha well I’m sure they will be fixing this one soon then free 14 day trials for life everyone ! :gift:


Thanks all! I don’t think there’s anything I can do except wait for the trail period to be over and see if I can assign the license then.

Move the time/date on your cell phone a few days to see if your free trials will expire.:face_with_monocle:

Naw, I’ll just wait :smiley: Anyway, I would think it’d go by the date/time on Wyze’s end?