Cam Plus monthly move to free year

So after installing my Wyze doorbell, I added monthly Cam Plus service and paid my first month. I have now discovered a card inside the box that offers 12 free months of Cam Plus.

So I’m wondering how best to go about switching from monthly to get the 12 free months. Do I wait until the day before my next bill and then activate the promo? The oddest thing is when I look under my account on the web I cannot see my existing Cam Plus service at all.

Welcome to the forums! When did you buy the doorbell? Check the card, is there a expiration date for the promo listed? Any conditions listed on it?

can you see it on the services tab on the app?

I got the doorbell in early Aug 2021 at Home Depot. In the app on my cell phone, I see the CAMPlus designation as soon as I go to “Account”. My account name and email match between the app and the web site. Maybe somehow they are not the same.

I don’t really care about that discrepancy so long as I can add my “12 months of FREE CAM PLUS”. The promo card has no terms or conditions, nor is there an expiration date. But I’m not sure how to add it from the app.

I purchased my Doorbell from HomeDepot as well. The way I redeemed my code (which was awhile back) was to go to the Browser on a computer and not the app. Logon to the My Account area and the Logon on to the My services area. Once you are in you should see a screen as below.


From there, I clicked the Redeem and added the code on the card.

I believe if you go into the CamPlus Service - assuming you have one, you may also be able to click on the “Have a Code” at the top right and follow the steps.

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Thanks to all who replied. My main question is this: if you sign in to your account from your phone and from your computer, do you see the same information in both places? With my non-Wyze security cams, I see the exact same account details. In this case, even though I’m using the same account name (my email address), it’s like two different accounts since I can only see my current Cam Plus account information on my cell phone.

In case this helps anybody, I worked by phone with Wyze. I had to cancel my auto-renewing monthly Cam Plus sub in the Google Play store first. Then I signed in on the web site under My Services / My Subscriptions / Redeem. There I entered the code, and chose annual renewal. Also had to give my credit card info, even with a $0 balance due. I then in the app had to un-register my monthly sub, Finally, I was then able to add the annual sub.

Note that I lost 8 day from that monthly sub by choice. I wanted to step through the whole process with the agent to be sure everything was working correctly.

It’s still weird that the subs purchased through the Android app didn’t appear on their web site when seen from my Windows PC. But once I had the free annual sub through their web site, it appeared on the app as well.

That’s unintuitive and should be fixed.

Otherwise, I’m pleased with this product.